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how you like my line not results oriented ?

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  • how you like my line not results oriented ?

    preflop ip i think i can call this , it is somewhat close , i think he is supposed to 3 bet slightly bigger oop .. if he has high cards on this flop it might be better for him to check , so he ended up in a spot where he had to fold away equity
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    Calling preflop seems ok assuming SB has shown some aggression and seems likely to be 3betting closer to a GTO type range here. You are putting in 31% of the pot, so break even equity would be SB 3-betting TT+,AQs+,AKo. Seems reasonable that you are getting immediate odds and you are in position so likely to realize your equity.

    The jam on the flop? IDK. It depends so much on SB's 3betting range and then what he Cbets.

    I guess it makes sense since you don't like any 9,T,J,Q,K, or A. I could also see an argument for allowing SB to keep bluffing at the pot. Ultimately, it looks like a huge risk in a marginal spot, so I would pass it up for better spots. But also don't really have an issue with you cashing out your equity.

    Things I don't like...

    You have a 6 taking out some of SB's draws that would bet and fold.

    I figure when he has a flush draw, he is more likely to call since he probably figures he has at least one over card that is often good to go along with the flush outs (giving him 51% chance of drawing out). So I would like to have a spade in your hand reducing his outs when he calls with a flush draw.


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      I would have raised pre-flop, not ripping it in on the flop