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    So, after tracking my play for 61 hours, two-tabling 25nl Zone on Igniton, I am up a whopping $330 dollars, or $5.36/hr. The first 30 hours when quite well, averaged nearly 13/hr, and then the second 30 hours, not so well to say the least lol. The final ten hour stretch was particularly nasty.
    I can't really seem to find comparable stats, and I'm not sure what this equates to in terms on BB/100. The rake is 5% btw, up to a maximum of $2 (8BB) per hand. Remember, anonymous tables, so basically no, or very little exploitative play. Certainly this is not the most profitable form of poker, but it does allow me to play many, many hands which is one benefit.
    So how good/bad is this? And also, is 61 hours playing two tables a big enough sample size to say this is my win rate right now?

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    I'd say a return of 21.44bb/hr is very good indeed. Whether or not that is accurate based on 61 hours is harder to say. Probably not unfortunately...

    The fact that you ran at nearly 52bb/hr for the first half means that you actually lost $60 over the next 30 odd hours for -8bb/hr.

    I understand 100,000 hands is meant to be a good sample size for establishing a win-rate so you need to work out what that is in terms of hours for you.

    Sometimes I blitz through hands playing zoom, but if I am actively working on introducing something new to my game my hands per hours probably half, even on the same number of tables.

    Why don't you play for an hour and start a tally with a pen and paper for every hand you play to determine your approximate speed?

    [Edit: If you're up $330 over 61 hours that's actually $5.41/hr. Don't undersell yourself by 5c mate, it all adds up ]
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      Disregard this.
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        I would say 61hrs* (2*60/hands per hour) =7320 hands. You are not even close to figure out a good win rate. You can go on 25K hand runs good or bad. Usually you would need to play 100K hands to determine an average win rate


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          so just started messing around with a hud. Never studied hand histories before but knowing that's the next step to evolving, I want to start. Not sure what I'm looking for feedback-wise, but anything is appreciated. This is still pretty foreign to me.
          Quick update on the Zone progress, at roughly 70 hours I'm up $385

          Click image for larger version

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            What is that image? Is that your last 1150 hands?

            The one thing that sticks out to me is that you might be too loose passive.

            Your PFR is about right, but you're VPiP is very high and your 3-bet % is very low. It looks like you're calling (sure hope you're not open-limping!) too much and not 3betting enough. Stick these percentages into equilab (or similar) and hopefully you'll see what I mean.

            [EDIT: Your 'Call 3-bet%' looks a bit high too. Without knowing your 4bet % and fold to 3bet % it's hard to say though... Again this is a small sample size and may not represent your figures if you were to play the same but over 100k hands].
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              Yes, it's a sample from my zone grinding. Just trying to get a better idea of my overall game. I'm going to put in more volume and see my tendencies and whatnot. This is for 6max games.


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                I'll grab my own values when I get home so we can compare.

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                Oops I forgot. I'll try again this evening.

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              From my little time on Zone, it looks like three betting is especially important. All those guys who min raise PF? They are betting light trying to pick up the blinds from the auto folds. Pound them.
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                I'll update this thread occasionally as I continue my zone experiment. I'm looking to put in 100 hours to see my results. As far as I can tell, you get around 300-400 hands/hr in zone (two tabling). For those who have never played, you get 15 seconds each time it's your turn to act, with no additional time bank, so it plays pretty fast.
                76 hours in, averaging 6.22/hr. I feel pretty good about it, since it's 5% rake, and once i get more hands into the hud to analyze, I'm confident I'll be doing better.
                My potential leaks are calling a lot from the button with suited connectors, not playing a hand like AK suited aggressively enough preflop (hence the high call 3-bet% when i should be 4betting more), and not 3betting from SB enough. The cool thing about zone is after 24 hours you can download your history and see everyone's hole cards, so I've been making notes on certain hands and going back to see if I made a correct play.
                Anyway, I'll post some more after I put in more hours. For now . . .

                Click image for larger version

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                  I don't think that you have enough hands to make these assumptions. I would wait until you have at least 50K hands.

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                Hey all. Just a little update tracking my results over the past few weeks. I'm looking for feedback on my potential leaks. I'm doing my own research but having trouble finding current info. Most of these hands are 25nl with some 50nl full ring. 70% are 6-max or so. I'd really appreciate any help/constructive criticism. If you'd like screenshots of other aspects of the hud let me know, I'd be glad to provide it. Thanks! I slid the second picture over to finish the stats cuz it all doesn't fit on one screen.Click image for larger version

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