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KQ suited with 24 blinds facing an open?

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  • KQ suited with 24 blinds facing an open?

    Pokerstars $55 turbo Bounty builder. 6 Max

    Blinds 400/800
    H KdQd
    P SB
    S 18,767 after posting sb

    CO (32k) limps
    B (38k) 2400
    H 18.7k) ?

    I have very little info on the players as this is only my 10th hand i have been dealt as I sattyed into this tournament late. I won't be doing that again.

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    Tricky spot.

    If we were deeper then this looks like a great place for a resteal over the BTN's ISO-raise to ~9bbs. In this situation that would be >1/3 out stack and the general rule of thumb would therefore be to shove instead.

    Do I want to be getting it in with KQs for 24bbs? Probably not... From my experience of bounty builders our fold equity is a lot lower than usual.


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      Personally I would just call and see a multiway flop. Looking to get a good draw or a top-paid type of hand hand get it in. But that's just my opinion