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Early stages with top pair

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  • Early stages with top pair

    So this hand came up on Friday, I would like your opinion on this.

    I was UTG 10 handed with about 175BB effective.

    Hand AcTc.... Stack 175bb Position UTG
    I open 3x BTN(the button just sat down a few moments before and seemed loose/aggressive) calls

    Flop Ts8c5d
    I bet 5bb, BTN shoves all in. do you ever call?

    just to be clear I folded.

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    Way way too deep to call off with TpTk. You would be calling 170bb to win 175 right? Not great odds there lol


    • jamtay317
      jamtay317 commented
      Editing a comment
      agreed. I didn't like folding TPTK but I couldn't call.

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    The fold had to be the best move.

    You'd think that even bad players with a draw would just call with stacks that large, so the worst hand you could probably expect for them to show you would be two-pair 85 hands.