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Deep in a 500K GTD

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  • Deep in a 500K GTD

    Friday and today I played in a 500K GTD. Came in 20th place, not bad, right? Well, it's the first really deep run in a 1500+ entry that I've ever had so I thought that it was great!

    Okay on with a hand that I've had on my mind most of the day.

    Hand 9s7d..... Stack 35BB effective Position BB 6 handed
    HJ limps BTN limps SB limps I check

    Flop Ac9h3c
    we check

    Turn 9c
    SB checks, I Bet 2.5 BB. (I personally think I made an error here I think that I should have made it bigger maybe 3BB or 3.5BB) HJ BTN folds, SB Raises 6BB. Hero?

    I should probably add the SB seemed to be a Good TAG
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    Well done on your deep run.
    I think you played the hand fine so far and i would call the turn raise and see a river.
    Why do you think you made an error in your turn sizing? . Do you think you should bet bigger to give flush draws a worse price to call ?


    • jamtay317
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      Yes. There are 5BB in the pot, and I think a 2/3 pot would be better.

    • LondonImp
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      In a heads-up pot, you should probably size up a bit. Multi-way I don't think this is a problem.

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    Congratulations, good work.

    I agree with Joseph. When you're given such good pot odds you have to call and take a river.


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      Congrats! I’d definitely call turn and agree that sizing up is probably fine to charge clubs that won’t fold.

      I was out of town and didn’t get to play this one. Will you be around for the rest of the series?


      • jamtay317
        jamtay317 commented
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        Not sure, I may head up later this week to try to satellite into the main event.

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      Congrats, nice run!

      So the pot is 5BB on the flop. I think 2.5BB is fine
      I would call the c/r.

      I don't think a good player is going to check the nuts on the turn OOP after the flop checked around.
      They would want to start getting chips in the pot, right?

      This would also mean he checked a strong hand/strong draws on the flop after a limped pot.

      This is a strange line unless he is a 'tricky' player and will only c/r with the nuts.

      At any rate his raise is only 2.4x (also strange) so I'm never folding yet. We need like 20% equity to
      continue and we have 3 of kind.

      However odd this action is (to me) I'm never raising has we very well could be crushed, 3's full,
      flushes, A9 K9 Q9 J9 T9 98