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Preparing for day 2/3...

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  • Preparing for day 2/3...

    What is everyone's routine for this? Do you look up players? Do you just judge the players as you play? What are your thoughts on this?

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    Yes I look up players for a frame of reference only. I still don't know how they play based off of results tho.
    I live 5 minutes from NJ so I run into a lot of online players in the better live tournaments as well.

    My routine is to try and get a good nights sleep and do some quizzes here before I head to the room.
    I also go over some of my past day 2 mistakes and strive to make those corrections. That has been a
    big help yet a work in progress. yes I make notes not only on hand history's but my blunders as well.

    jjpregler taught me that