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  • Image Problems

    in mtt live when I am less than 15 BB I am only pushing not minraising or limping except in the blinds ab limping)

    As i am then quite a while under 15 BB I am pushing quite often and People Talk about Me the pusher and so on .. is it Bad to have such an Image? thoughts ?
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    In my opinion you have other options when you have 15bb other than push or fold. I think it is definitely depending on the other stacks at the table.


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      They talk about you pushing because the hate folding marginal hands they want to play
      Just play your ranges and don't let what they say effect your game. Most of them probably
      ain't as good as you anyway.

      My first couple of years I listened to the table talk and thought I was learning something.
      Now I know most of the people that talk about how people played a hand don't know shit.


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        Like Alex Fitzgerald says, "95% of poker players are losing, you shouldn't care what losers think"


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          i am also pushing a lot vs late Position raises with up to 32 BB . imagine how often they fold and talk shit about me


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            I don’t think it’s an image problem I think it’s a strategy problem. With 15bb I hate having to jam aces when I could probably get more value min raising, so I need to play other hands that way too.


            • Bentley
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              Unless you jam 3 times with junk, then pick up aces, jam and get called because clearly you're pushing sooo wide