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When and why to isolate

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  • When and why to isolate

    I had 2 similar hands tonight.
    UTG+2 shoved all in for 10bb, I'm to his left with QQ and 30bb.

    2nd situation
    similar positions, villain open shoves for 7bb, hero has 99 with 50bb.
    I'm clueless as to if I should flat or iso raise in these spots and the theory behind it. Sorry I know this is a newbie question but I feel dumb tonight.

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    With the QQ, if you just call, you are risking 1/3 of your stack and giving everyone behind you the chance and correct odds to call or even raise you. So I am going to push. I am hoping someone comes along for the ride. With the 99, depends who is left to act. If you know someone behind is going to raise, I am going to counter that by raising first. If they are just going to call or fold then I am just calling the 7 bb and seeing the flop. The difference for me is, I know I am not folding the QQ. I am confident that I can fold the 99 if someone behind pushes over the top of me.