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Better to rebuy or grind every bullet?

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  • Better to rebuy or grind every bullet?

    Hey all,

    While playing a tournament online, I had dwindled down to a stack of just below 15bb, and wondered if it was better to take a marginal spot to try and double up, knowing if I bust I could rebuy immediately with a fresh 30bb stack, or if i should still play my current stack to it's fullest, looking for a good reshove or +ev spot to get my money in. I wasn't sure of the answer so I decided to ask it here. As always, thanks for any feedback.

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    Always still play your current stack to it's fullest is clearly the way to go


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      I don't think it's as easy as simply saying it's a one size fits all solution.

      If everyone at your table is on a similar stack to you then there is no need to take the rebuy as you will not be setting yourself up to win any extra chips.

      On the other hand, if everyone on your table is around the 45bb mark then I would take the rebuy to boost myself to 45bb so I can potentially win all of their chips, not just the 15bb I have in my stack.

      This is provided of course that you are below the starting stack and able to rebuy immediately.


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        LondonImp , I think you're referring to an add-on?

        Always grind it, never punt just to re-buy. People running up short stacks is not just anecdotal.
        I see it happen often enough to know not to ever give up.


        • LondonImp
          LondonImp commented
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          An add-on is an additional amount of chips that you can purchase at a predetermined point in the tournament for a limited amount of time. For example you may have a 3 minute window at the end of the re-buy period to decide whether or not to purchase an add-on (obviously you know this - just stating for clarity).

          For all online re-buy tournaments that I've played, you can rebuy at any point during the rebuy period provided you are on or have less than the starting stack. This is why there is a double-rebuy option in online tournaments when you bust.

          It's re-entry tournaments that you must be down to 0 chips to buy a new stack.

          I'm guessing rebuy tournaments work slightly differently live as it's simply not practical for everyone under starting stack to be able to rebuy.

        • kkep
          kkep commented
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          No, I've actually never played an add on tourney.

          He seems to be be playing a re-entry.

          Most often the verbiage in my neck of the woods is simply re-buy after we bust which is technically wrong.
          I should correct myself and clean that up for these forums.

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        I would take chances on rebuy tournaments .... partially because many others are doing that .... if you get it in good ... doesn't mean it will hold.

        No point in grinding.

        I recently made a final table of $44 bounty ... almost everyone was better than me judging by results... but I had more chips than the next 3 players combined.

        Not much they can do....