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Is this a spot to cbet entire range?

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  • Is this a spot to cbet entire range?

    Hopefully a nice easy one for you guys to help round off my study session.

    No Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.05
    6 players

    UTG - UTG (
    MP - MP (
    CO - CO (
    BTN - BTN (
    SB - SB (
    BB - Hero (

    Preflop: ($0.07, 6 players) Hero is BB with ??
    3 folds, BTN raises to $0.12, 1 fold, Hero raises to $0.40, BTN calls $0.28

    Ks2hAd ($0.82, 2 players - BTN: $5.42, Hero: $6.48)
    Hero ??

    I'm forever reading on this forum that there are times to cbet small with your entire range but clearly it hasn't sunk in yet because I don't know if this is one of those.

    So in this situation I have all the AA-KK and AK combos, where my opponent is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to have any of these. I also have all the strong Ax hand as well as the strong Kx hands.

    My opponent is very likely to be behind me here.

    Is this a good spot therefore to bet small with my entire range as I've got huge fold equity with my weaker hands but also can build a pot (albeit a small one) with my strong/monster hands?

    Thanks as always everyone.

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    From what I understand, you have the range advantage here therefore you should be cbetting small and frequently.


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      Cheers buddy.

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    A small caveat.

    I agree with your range logic completely- but will your opponent in a 2c-5c game recognise your range advantage? Whilst the flop definitely favours your range, aces and kings are also likely in his button raise/call range. Is he disciplined enough to lay down A5 here? I don't know. Maybe/maybe not.

    I would be more tempted to c-bet small my entire range on just the ace/king- both make me a bit twitchy. What's your plan if called?


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      Originally posted by Andy Watson View Post
      What's your plan if called?
      Very good question Andy.

      It seems very unlikely that my opponent is floating with air here so pot control with the majority of my holdings seems key.

      On this board I am going to have very few bluffs other than gutshots with QJs-QTs,JTs - but am I really 3betting these from BB v BTN? Very unlikely.

      I suppose the solution at these stakes is going to be to simply take a very linear approach and bet again for value with my AA-KK and AK combos and check call/fold the rest. Maybe I could set aside a combination of AA to check to strengthen my defending range against a probe.

      Do I need bluffs in my range at all once the villain has defended/floated the flop? I should point out that this is a zoom cash game in a large player pool so opponent unlikely to build up a large same of hands against me.

      This is clearly something that I could do with looking into in more details and I shall do so when I get home.

      Thanks for asking the question and getting me thinking!