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Leaving value on the table?

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  • Leaving value on the table?

    No Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.05
    6 players

    UTG - UTG (
    MP - Hero (
    CO - CO ($5.00)
    BTN - BTN (
    SB - SB (
    BB - BB (

    Preflop: (
    $0.07, 6 players) Hero is MP with Ac6c
    1 fold, Hero raises to $0.12, 1 fold, BTN calls $0.12, 2 folds

    Flop: TcJh2c ($0.31, 2 players - BTN: $5.29, Hero: $4.88)
    Hero bets $0.11, BTN calls $0.11

    Qs ($0.53, 2 players - BTN: $5.18, Hero: $4.77)
    Hero bets $0.18, BTN calls $0.18

    Kc ($0.89, 2 players - BTN: $5.00, Hero: $4.59)
    Hero bets $??

    Not sure what the ideal bet size would be in this situation.

    If villain has an A I can clearly go big because he is going to struggle find a fold here. But would it be better to reign it in a bit and target the potential 2p type hands which he is likely to have quite often? These might fold facing a large bet but might find a call against a small bet.

    I of course have an A in my hand, removing 25% of villain's possible Ax combos.

    Also, should my flop/turn bets have been any bigger to allow me to make a bigger river raise if the flush comes in? Or would that be -ve in the long run because of all the times I miss?

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated as always guys and girls.

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    I would 1.5x pot. We might occasional run into a worse straight that will fold but I think we will more often run into a worse flush or
    Broadway which will have a hard time getting away from their hand. Over bets is only something I recently started using as value
    so I'm a work in progress. But we our certainly polar here so I think we should bet over pot at the very least. What the best sizing is
    IDK for sure.


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      Villain has shown he has a pair or draw most likely and the draws came in. I would go big on river. Pot size bet at minimum. 1.5 pot needs to work at least 50% more often than pot to be better. It might very well do that. If it were live, I would look to see how interested villain was and bet accordingly. Obviously this is online, so probably bet 1.5 pot since folks don't fold pairs and he likely will think we are bluffing.

      I think flop and turn bets are good. OOP you want to bet small to avoid capping your range. Since you should plan on betting flop and turn, small bets keep pot manageable and allows some ability to call a raise.