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Day 1 WPT. Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

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  • Day 1 WPT. Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

    I have been playing poker on and off for the past 15 years and have never played a live MTT although I have lots of experience playing live cash. The WPT Deep Stack series is coming to Blackhawk, CO this week and Im going to enter the $400 opening event. Day 1 runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I'm wondering which day would be the softest or most advantageous to enter. The obvious answer seems to be Saturday when most recreational players are off work and able to spend a day at the casino. However I'd like to know if there's any nuances I'm unaware of that your experience may be able to shine a light on. Thanks!
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    I find Day1a to be the softest and get there on time.


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      I find Fridays the busiest for multi flights and therefore more likely on each table to have some softer competition. People leave work early Friday.


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        On saturdays last flight People are most desperated. Thats why I would choose saturday if I only wanted to take 1 shot


        • MrFuss
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          Yeah that may be relevant. I plan on firing one bullet.

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        So I'll use Parx because that is where I'm most familiar with the Borgata a close second.

        Say Parx has 4 Day 1 flights. Day 1a is most often the smallest field (250-350 depending
        on the season). Lets say they get 1000 Wed -Fri on Saturday they will get about another
        1000 entries.

        As we draw closer to the final flight more pros from out of town begin to show up. I suppose
        this is a cost cutting measure. So most often on flight 1a we will see only the local pros that
        happen to be able to make the first flight.

        If Day 2 is Sunday, when we play Saturday and bag we are playing until around midnight
        and have to be right back at it the following morning. So we may not get the rest we would
        like for another potentially long day.

        I feel like there are many more landmines on the final day 1 flight as well. Players have one
        day to bag, They come prepared to fire several bullets in one day. It's luck-box city. This may
        be perception over fact but I've grown to dislike the final day 1 the most and will only show up
        for it if it's the only flight I can play.


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          Im leaning towards Friday because the casino is an hour drive and day 2 (Sunday) starts at 11am. I could study and play online Saturday and get plenty of sleep.


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            The weekend flights are always the softest in my experience but I find a lot of value in having a night off too (or more the point, not playing til 2am to bag and then restarting at 11am) if possible so I definitely think Friday gives you some best of both worlds.