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Early Day 2 Pitfall

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  • Early Day 2 Pitfall

    I couldn't have really asked for a better Day 2 table draw. No 'real' pros and I felt like I was at the very least on everyone else's level.
    We start off with 47BB which is really nice. Then I get hit with the deck the first 2 hands and get involved with an aggressive player
    that loves to bluff in one of those. That fast I'm up to 72BB!!

    The fifth hand that same guy opens from HJ(edit) a bit large 3x from his 38BB stack and I smooth call on the Bu Td9d.
    Flop 9s9h6s V c-bets 5BB. I call BB who had come along folds.

    Turn 4h V bets 8BB, here I considered raising but decided I wanted to keep this guy in the hand.
    I was focused on him having a spade draw, over pair or pure bluffs/2 good overs.

    One more point I was in the 5 seat so the cards are right in front of my dam face.

    River Kh V bets 8BB I auto put him on a Kx or missed spade draw and never look at the board a second time. I was thinking, I couldn't
    see his chips but didn't want to ask to see them and eventually raise to 18BB figuring he will never fold a Kx here. He calls with AhTh.

    I totally didn't see the BD flush come in. It wasn't a total screw up but it did cost me an extra 10BB.

    My point for sharing this is I wasn't in full game mode, not 100% focused. That is a simple call every time, never a raise for me.

    I did get up early and do 2 quizzes and I looked over the 40BB charts but it was enough (for me) to step right in and be on point from the
    get go.

    Maybe it's an experience thing, maybe its an age thing IDK but next time I will be doing several quizzes pre-game and pray that gets me
    more prepared.

    From there I won a bunch of small pots lost a few small pots then early in the next level I had to call a 14.5 open shove. Me AcKc V KQo V
    hits his Q and holds.

    After the bubble broke I was on the SB with 66. the Chip bully opened from UGT (means nothing, I put him on like a 100BB CO/HJ range) I
    shipped it from the SB with 66. I think I had 17BB behind. BB re jams, oh joy, UTG mucks and we are ahead vs AQo but can't hold.

    The point of this post is for Day 1's where we are very deep we have plenty of time to build our focus up but we have to enter Day 2 fully
    prepared for success.

    What that means is going to vary for all of us but I can't image just showing up to play is ever the right answer and for me just a couple
    of quizzes isn't going to get me there either.

    This won't happen again.
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    on those 99x flops .. good spots to lead / donk , precisely because many ( with 9 ) tend to flat ... they think they're trapping, but bettor isn't necessarily oblivious... here the villain could have done better by reraising river... someone who slow played a 9 .. may have hard time getting away.

    funny how the dynamic works sometimes ... one thinks he's trapping .. how can u be trapping if the other knows you might have this particular hand .. you can really stack the people who try to bluff catch you ...


    • CrazyEddie
      CrazyEddie commented
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      come think of it ... that guy really screwed up .. by not reraising ... whole point of playing the way he did ... was to stack an unsuspecting 9 ... worth it

      The other day, I played a hand with team pro lex vuldhuis ... I didn't know that was him ..... he flopped middle set, I flopped draw... I got there on the turn ... He played passively OOP. River was something neither of us liked very much ... but point is this : had I known that was team pro... I would have pushed for it and bet that river.

      Not that I have anything against Lex

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    lol he only had like 25k or so behind. When he said call I thought he said all in and I beat him in.
    He said he was afraid I had a boat...

    My point was I missed the bdfd or I would not have played it the way I did


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      A hand I played recently ... MP raising 2.5x ( over 100BB ) .. .I flat with KTs ( 26BB ) .

      I flop a flush : 2 7 9 ... MP cbet 1/3 , I call.

      Turn: 2 , MP bets 1/3, I call again.

      River: 7 He jam. I ??? pot = stack


      He had 87s.


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        Can you fold preflop here ? It seems like you are getting 12x implied odds typically I like to have 20x with suited connectors.


        • kkep
          kkep commented
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          No, I think this is a call every time at almost any stack depth. Not sure why I had him in MP, he was actually the HJ but that doesn't
          change anything for me.

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        I have to disagree with your comment about it being a call at any stack depth. Suited connectors are hands that will not hit that often but when they do hit you have a chance of winning a big pot. I think I read something from Jonathan Little that you need 20x implied odds with suited connectors. Maybe if the villain is very likely to pay you, you can call with less that that. But to call at any stack depth is not good in my opinion, simply not getting the odds you need.