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JJ or K high with LAG and solid player

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  • JJ or K high with LAG and solid player

    H S B P
    JJ 200 1/3 LJ

    Preflop Straddle to 6, UTG+2 calls, i raise to 20, small blind calls, UTG+2 calls

    Flop K96

    Checks all the way

    Turn is a 6

    Checks all the way ( I checked because small blind is a LAG and check raise a lot of hands)

    River 4
    SB checks UTG+2 bets 25

    I call, SB Folds

    Should i have bet the turn for value and protection? Hands like 9 would call or 88, 1010 or draws. Or go to cheap showdown because i am against a solid player and a lag multi way.

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    When flop Checked through with tt,jj, qq you should bet turn

    you are good most often

    nobody showed strength so far

    you want to Start building the pot and protect your Hand

    it is way too weak to Check turn. Dont be scared of getting checkraised. This only happens seldomly . Go for value!

    by the way in turn you dont Need to bet big. 30-40% potsize enough

    For Future posts dont forget to mention the suits


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      While the field doesn't check raise often, you identified the SB as someone that does. So, I think you have reason to fear a check raise on the 6 turn. A decent player will know you don't have many, if any 6's in your range. They will also assume you c-bet your 99's on the flop. So that leaves you with 3 combos of KK (a good check back candidate with top set on the flop) and a whole bunch of pairs that will hate getting check raised. It makes that a great spot for SB to bluff.

      Before making a turn bet I would ask if I am willing to call off my stack with 2nd pair here. Absent any reads that SB is a maniac, I would not call off with JJ here so I like a check back on the turn keeping the pot small with my marginal hand.

      Other notes....

      I like the river call assuming a flush didn't hit. A lot less likely SB will check raise as a bluff vs a bet and call. So, you can fold if he does check raise there (especially if UTG+2 calls said check raise).

      I would go bigger on the preflop bet (27-33). Removes the odds for straddle or UTG+2 to set mine, builds the pot in position with a strong hand, and reduces the chances of a multi way pot. Besides, there are 5bb in the middle so even if everyone folds, you turned JJ into KK with no variance.


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        Really good response - I agree with every single point.