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  • SPR or implied olds

    Live cash game 1/3

    H S B P
    8c9d 170 1/3 BB

    Pre flop UTG + 2 raises to 12

    LJ calls, HJ calls, Button calls, Small Blind Calls.

    Do you call? Are you getting reverse implied odds if you just call and hit top pair or draws?

    What situation are you calling this hand with your short stack?

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    Suited i would always call , unsuited not always. I would rather call 67o, 65o, 45o Because you are less often dominated . With those Hands you have nice low card board coverage.

    if the villians are especially weak i would always call with 89o As well.

    for instance say you hit 89 two pair and 1 villian Pays you off with QA on A8926


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      89o is an easy fold. 89s is a reluctant fold.

      Immediate pot odds are 12.5% (your $9 call divided by $72 that will be in the pot. Your raw equity against their likely ranges is about 12.5%, however you won't realize all of that. So not getting the correct immediate odds to call.

      For implied odds (the whole 2-pair+ argument), you need at least 20:1 to justify a call with suited connected hands. You actually have 18.8x (your 170 stack divided by $9 to call). So not getting the implied odds even if suited.


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        Yeah 1Peter510 has this right.

        Your position is pretty shocking versus multiple opponents (you have positional advantage only over SB whereas HJ,LJ and BTN all have advantage over you). This means you will under realise whatever little equity you do have in this situation making it a clear fold.

        "Well I'm priced in..." *calls* - a major leak for many micro/low stakes players.