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    Live tells - Villain is drinking, spazzes chips to players but gets there even he is way behind. Check raise with over cards or draws.

    H S B P
    AsKc 235 1/3 UTG+2
    Villain 600

    I make it $10 pre, small blind called, big blind called.

    Flop Kd 9s 4s
    I bet 25, he check raise to 50

    Turn is 7s
    He bets 100, i jam 175

    He calls and shows XX?

    Should i fold the turn? Its small stakes, when they check raise, they usually have it. I also thought that i could be beat by K9, 99, 44, 79, K7.

    His image made me call but he also know that my image is solid so he wouldnt really try to bluff me?

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    On flop i would bet 18 . This is enough. His Check raise to 50 is very bad and this is true for any Kind of whole card . No good player would raise that small

    if you would have bet 18 he would perhaps raised to only 36 so you would have easier decisions later

    i Guess you have called the Check raise on flop which is to my mind the only good play

    on turn it is a tough decision . Against a normal player i would probably fold

    against him i would probably also jam


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      Preflop I like the pot size raize.

      I think that on the flop you bet too much, you overbet the pot. Yes, you're almost certainly ahead, I don't think a 9 is going to call may someone will probably call with Kx of spads or Kx but I like really like betting something like $15 maybe $17.

      So on to when he Check-Raises you.
      Well, I don't think he is doing this with Kx any more I don't really think he is doing this with small spades like 5s7s 5s3s 2s3s 7s6s. I'm going to give him a range of something like:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Flop.JPG
Views:	30
Size:	195.0 KB
ID:	25032

      As you can see, you're crushing his range. So I've run this in PioSolver your range vs his range.
      PioSolver recommends that you bet 16 here
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Flop.JPG
Views:	28
Size:	235.5 KB
ID:	25033

      it actually says that you should just call the turn bet.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	turn.JPG
Views:	28
Size:	236.7 KB
ID:	25034 I actually like just calling the turn. if the spade comes on the river shove, if he bets small call, if he checks I think I would check back.


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        I like the open to $10.

        On the flop you have the range advantage, but have a nut disadvantage. You have KK, 99, & K9s. They probably don't have KK, but do have 99, 44, K9s, K4s, and probably 94s. So should bet frequent and small (like $10 against 2 players).

        With the As, you block his nut flush draws which seems to make him more value oriented on the check raise as does it being a min raise. However he probably only has 11 combos that beat you (assuming he raises KK & AA preflop) and 91 reasonable draws (assuming he doesn't check raise KsXs). So for that and your read that he is spewey, I like the call.

        On the turn, the 7s is not bad for you as now you draw to the nut flush to go with your top pair, but that gives him a flush with a lot of his bluffs on the flop. Now 36 of his reasonable draws beat you. So 47 combos beat you and 55 combos lose. You have 230 in the pot, so are getting 30% odds on a call and beat 54% of his likely range here.

        So I like a call on the turn.

        I don't like the jam at all. Not going to fold better hands for that even if you block the nut flush. Not sure what worse hands will call.

        I assume he puts you all in on the river regardless and I would call pretty much regardless. Even though I am calling it off no matter what, I don't like the jam on the turn because it narrows his range, whereas calling the river keeps his bluffs in.

        All that said, his bets kinda scream value and it would not surprise me to lose to a set, 2-pair, or flush.

        Would love to know what the river was and what he showed....
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