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    I'm still unsure of my bet sizing's when it goes raise, 3-bet, 4 bet sometime 5-bet.

    Here the initial raiser was fairly deep but I had him covered by about 50k.
    The 3-beter began the hand with roughly 45 - 50k.
    I think I started this hand with around 165k

    I considered flatting but decided I didn't really want to play a multi-way pot OOP and I expected the 3-better to ship it.
    I didn't know who he was until this morning, a lesser player probably goes with their hand. He tanked for about a
    minute then mucked. It was still a decent pot to take down but I feel like I over played my hand and lost potential value.

    Real time I thought my bet size should have been around 40k but that felt really big so I sized down a bit.

    Level 11 of 15

    I grabbed this from the blog. The blogger was at our table and from memory this seems spot on.

    A middle position player (Kevin Lutz) opened for 3,500 and Ryan Eriquezzo three-bet to 13,000 from the hijack. Action was on Ken Keppol who four-bet to 33,000 from the big blind.
    The initial raiser mucked his hand and after getting a confirmed amount, Eriquezzo did the same.

    Hero had KK

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    I think going to 33k when the 3bettor only had 45-50k looks super strong. Your 4bet is about 1/3rd of the initial raiser's stack and 2/3rd of the 3bettor's. I think that size looks exactly like AA or KK that wants a call or someone to shove. I think jamming instead widens how your range looks and might get a hero call from one or both.

    Only other option is to call, which also looks super strong and allows the 3bettor to see a flop and go from there (will be hard to feel great calling his jam on the flop).

    I would just jam there, probably with just my best hands (TT+, AQs, AK).

    That said, you scooped a 10bb pot. Turned KK into AA without variance. Certainly not a bad result.


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