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I feel like i messed this one up

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  • I feel like i messed this one up

    ok the board runout was not in my favour

    this doesnt happen that often

    but i still feel bad about this spot and how i played it

    against utg range donking with top pair mediocre kicker seems unnecessary

    if the board was dryer i would not have done it , i wanted to charge possible draws of villian

    in hindsight i want to say there are actually not enough draws that needs to be charged

    i also dont like my cbetsizing on turn

    this is what happens if you dont plan out the hand beforehand !
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    With under 20bb I think I could get behind check jamming here. Otherwise I agree that I prefer check calling to donking.


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      I like check jamming best on the flop and think leading is a bad idea. You open yourself up to getting jammed on which would be really bad with top pair decent kicker.


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        I think that you should have check shoved the flop.


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          Thx everybody seems to like check jamming best but perhaps Check call down is better to let his bluffs in

          vs utg Check call down might be better

          in any case donking seems to be the biggest mistake here


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            im new to the forums (my first post) but dont we need some info on the villian here? Im a bit of a station, but I think Im betting the river or (as played) im calling with 2500 left in my stack and 4000 in the pot...... Too late to get away if Im the agressor since worse kings can call as well as pairs that are less than top pair.( QQ, JJ, TT) if villian has a set, dont they raise the turn (figuring you for AK?). I see this is an online hand, so maybe im wrong for that reason, but Im either betting for value (and callng a raise) or check calling.
            More info needed in my opinion but if thats all we know, Im showing down my King with reasonalbe kicker