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  • this is what can happen

    I guess i bet too big preflop and on flop . vs 2 you can bet smaller in general (topic from another thread) and even vs 1 opponent i should have bet smaller

    would you have also folded to the allin ? or would you feel priced in ?

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    I don't actually hate the flop bet. You're certainly not betting your whole range on this board / multiway. If you're going to have any bluffs on this flop this seems like the logical one. I would've minraised pre though with only 30bb. Then your 2/3 bet on the flop is smaller and it's less gross when you have to fold.


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      I would usually open 270-300 there. So, I don't see a problem with the preflop bet.

      The BB has the nut advantage. No one has a range advantage.

      So you want to bet less frequently and smaller with your best made hands and draws (straight, sets, 2-pairs, and straight draws). That gives you 26 combos for value and plenty of straight draws to bet with all the 9's in your range (i would bluff with QJ,J9,Q9,J7s which are 52 combos). That makes you nicely balanced.

      You could perhaps argue betting some over pairs here, but I would use K9 as a bluff before going to 75s since 75s doesn't really like a 9 when it hits however a J or Q on the turn gives K9 a double gutter.

      I think you check and give up on that board. And definitely fold to the all in vs a call and jam. You have a very week draw and again, the 9 isn't even a clean out for you. Besides, you bet 75s as a BLUFF, so fold...
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