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  • ICM spot

    wondering about this hand . . I dont have ICMIZER so unsure of correct play?

    FT 6 max (no ante, weird i know) 6 places paid and a bounty hunter (pko)

    Blinds 300/600

    HJ shoves for 10bbs (gd player)

    CO shoves for 28bbs ( splashy v bad player, with big head prize)

    hero in BB with 88 (35bbs)

    everyone else folded, BU has 32bbs and other 2 have 4bbs each.

    I am 2nd in chips and 2 others with 4bb stacks, but the CO is a v fishy/bad player whose bounty is large . . do you call with 88?

    thanks in advance, any thoughts and icmizer maths appreciated!

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    Hello mate.

    In order to do a proper ICM calculation you need to provide the actual payout structures and current bounty amounts.

    You say the bounty is large, but is the equivalent of jumping a single payout spot or is it larger than 1st place in the tournament?

    [EDIT: For example:

    1st: $100
    2nd: $60
    3rd: $40 etc.

    Player 1: 30bb ($15 bounty)
    Player 2: 4bb ($5 bounty) etc]


    • jackrag
      jackrag commented
      Editing a comment
      hi . . smallish tourney . . 1st £90 2nd £50 3rd £35 . .. bounty was equal to 4th place ( £25) . . .if i win it puts me in a great position to win the whole thing, all other bounties (as i cover everyone), so 1st place plus maybe a third of 1st place in bounties? sorry all a bit vague . .site doesnt allow tracking/hud software!