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    I'm going to suggest an alternate line for Hand 1. I get the idea of wanting to play pots with the bad player, but you have a premium against an EP raise. I think you can get in a better spot by getting it heads-up.

    UTG+2 TAG raises to 15, SB Hero 3-bets to 50, BB folds, TAG calls.

    I don't think a raise from this EP is likely to fold to a 3-bet, especially when they get to see a flop on position. The same amount of money is in the pot as when you called, only now you have the lead heads-up.

    Pot 100
    Flop 4c2d2c
    Hero bets 35, UTG+2 calls.

    Again, I don't think an EP raiser is going to fold to a small bet on this flop. They probably float a street to see if you mean it. If they do fold, you made the same amount you would have the way you played the hand by calling and check-raising.

    Pot 170
    Turn (4c2d2c)Xx

    As long as X isn't an A you can continue betting. If x is a c you probably want to check-call instead, but since you have the Kc you can easily continue.

    Basically, I think by just playing this for straight value you make more than you would by trying to keep a bad player in for some intangible value.

    I used up all my energy on that one, may comment on other hand later.


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      First hand: I really don't like flatting KK here SB v EP RFI - for all the reasons reeeeeeper has stated.

      Also what do you mean by 'bad player'? Too tight, too loose, too aggressive, too passive, doesn't understand the rules etc. This is very important when deciding on the optimum strategy.

      Second hand: It is such a nightmare trying to range multiple opponents, especially so when there is relatively little action. So your pot control approach here was right.

      When she bets 50 into 95 we need to win roughly 1/3 of the time to break even. [50/(50+95)=34%]

      The fact that we don't have a diamond in our hand is important to keep in mind - we are not blocking the missed flush draw (I'm presuming here that by J10h you mean JhTh and haven't missed off the first suit). This means there is a slightly greater chance of villain bluffing.

      However, what bluffs really are there other than AdXd. A lot of other stuff is at least marginal made by the river.

      I'm really struggling to come up with hands that villain would seize the initiative with on the turn and fire again on the river with that we are ahead of.

      This is a tough one with the size of the bet. If this was a 2/3 pot bet or greater then I'd be letting this go... Here I just don't know. At low stakes it's probably best to let this go but I'm a crappy calling station and curiosity would probably get the better of me.

      If my opponent really is a fish this is probably a good time to ask the old: 'If I fold, will you show?' and make your decision based on her reaction.


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        Thanks guys @londonlmp and reeeeeeper . I think 3 bet on first hand is a more better play. What i meant a bad player was that she was calling station, call all the way with top pair to river.


        • LondonImp
          LondonImp commented
          Editing a comment
          If she is a calling station then this is all the more reason to 3-bet pre! Start building a big pot with what is almost certainly the best hand at the time.