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  • CBetting Multiway

    I've been doing some reviewing cbeting and I came accross this hand, Please tell me if you think that I should CBet here if so how much

    Playing 6handed microstakes online

    Hand 5h5d Stack 190 BB Position BTN
    folds to me on the BTN I Raise 3bb, SB BB Call

    Flop Qs6s2s
    Checks to hero? Bet or check?

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    Almost always checking in this exact spot.

    You have a very marginal hand with little chances of picking up equity on the way. Get me to showdown as cheaply and quickly as possible against these ranges and the fact its multi-way.


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      If this board was rainbow as opposed to all the same suit (what's the word for that..?) then I for sure could get behind a c-bet of ~1/3 pot. Your opponents are very likely to have missed this flop completely and at these stakes are unlikely to defend the required 75% so this could be very profitable. They are likely to be folding hands that have a fairly large amount of equity against you (i.e. all their overcards) which is also a very good thing. If they check-call on the flop they are very likely to check to you again on the turn allowing you to check and essentially see the turn and the river for a single 1/3 flop pot bet and then be able to re-assess if you face any action on the river. So this would be a win-win-win in my opinion.

      Anyway, ignoring all of the above, on this 1-suit flop your hand is marginal with very little fold equity so checking is the play.


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        Originally posted by LondonImp View Post
        If this board was rainbow as opposed to all the same suit (what's the word for that..?)l
        All one suit = monotone.


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          Ah yes that's it!