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    My local casino in the UK runs a midweek comp that is £50 (about 60USD) + 1 £50 Rebuy OR Add on. It starts 100bb deep and most players don't take the rebuy/add on straight away. The game is soft and very splashy.

    Typically it gets around 100 players, so first prize is around £3000 (3000USD). Most every week approximately 25% of the field do not take the rebuy/add on. Mostly, this is because they are treating it like a £50 comp and quit if they are knocked out early. Some players get to the add on break and don't take the extra chips if they think they have a decent stack.

    So my question is this. How much of a mistake is it to play this comp and not add on? Can the fact that 25% of the field do not add on be seen as added value, and is it quantifiable?

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    I don't think it's a mistake not to add on. If you're at a table where no one else adds on, there's not a lot of reason to do it yourself. So, save your money and add-on or rebuy when you need to. If you make it near end of registration and get knocked out you may not want to rebuy because of the starting stack size relative to the blinds. If you make it to the break with a big stack you might not want to add on like you said.

    If there were a lot of players adding on at your table, especially bad players on your right, then it would be a mistake not to add-on I think. If you didn't add-on and busted first hand, then it would be a mistake not to rebuy. It's like the dropped ice-cream scenario. If you buy an ice cream and drop it, you shouldn't bemoan your date, just go back in and buy another. You wanted it in the first place and the cost is small compared to your bankroll so just go get another. If you're playing above your bankroll and don't want to rebuy, that's a different sort if mistake.


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