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    The 300 is about to kick off. If anyone is interested in checking in Poker News has picked up the blogging for this.
    I'll fire a bullet today and maybe Friday. Crap came up so I can't play Thursday or Saturday.

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    I found a sad bag, 17BB on 1 bullet. I played most of the day between 60-70BB but peeled a turn bet from the BB and then bluffed early in the last
    level that cost me 20BB, ugh. It was a 3 way pot. I got the best hand to fold (KK) but got called by a relatively new player to the table with 3rd pair
    (JJ). I had 94dd Board AdQx8x8d2x. She said I knew you couldn't have the A or Q. She was very wrong and the other guy knew (we played
    together the entire day) I can easily have either one of those, even the 8. Oh well...

    All in all I ran/played pretty good for most of the day.

    The lady next to me, a well known player (at least locally, not the same woman from that hand) who is also on the WSOP Charity Board was watching yesterdays
    Webinar while we were playing. There are many more people that use Poker Coaching Dot Com than I suspected.


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      Imagine that. I ended up with at least 2 other PC members, that I know of, at my day 2 table. Andrew Porter, Judith Bielan.
      Judith was the unnamed player next to me from the post above. I've yet to met Andrew.

      With day 2 buy ins we will probably start the day about 75-85 players from the money. I'll need to play well and run good early.

      The four starting flights accounted for 1383 total entries coming from 819 unique players with 187 players returning with a
      bag for Day 2 Starting Sunday at 11 a.m. local time. Players who didn't bag will still be able to buy-in until the end of level 17.

      Always a fun tournament...


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        I couldn't get anything going. Won a small pot with AQ which I opened. Chopped a pot I 3-bet pre. Opened A9s on the button, both blinds called,
        all low cards checked around, turn was another low card check, bet fold. Blinded down to 7 bigs and about 5 from the money I open jammed T8s from
        third position LJ re-jammed, Bu called at risk. LJ KQo Bu AA KQo wins the hand.

        Andrew was still in last I checked. Judith busted ITM


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          The current chip leader bought in today and started with 6BB lol -
          Victor Ramdin 2,750,000


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            Off to flight 1a of the 500. I'll be updating on MyStack if any cares.


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                Good Luck!

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                Thanks man!