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Need help with Turn Line? 6Max Online spot

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  • Need help with Turn Line? 6Max Online spot

    Hey all question about the turn spot. My solver is telling me to check this turn but do I call a bet or do I check fold? I led instead which is what I thought was correct but I am not sure. Click the link to watch the hand play through.
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    I think that you should bet the flop, check/call the trun.


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      Yea I think you are right


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        on flop this is a cbet after you raise preflop , especially on this dynamic board , on turn check-call is my play. which solver are you using ?


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          four betting the button even though they have a wide range opening to only the blinds with 10 9 suited which flops great. i would of just called his open. you dont want to get in the habit of bloating pots out of position with 10 high.
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            I like checking the turn because there's not too many hands that will call that you beat. Do you really want to get called? If not, then your hand is a bluff, however, in this spot your hand is too strong to bluff. Also, when you bet, he folded, so you had the best hand, but won no additional money. If you check, he may take a stab, so yes, I'd say check is correct as played.