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How are you Stacking your Chips when deepstacked? Are you building a Tower?

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  • How are you Stacking your Chips when deepstacked? Are you building a Tower?

    How many 20 chip stacks should you have next to each other so that you play comfortably ?

    I think 4 ? How are you building the Tower when deep stacked ? I want so See all Chips in from of me , dont want to have some in Front of the 4 fr

    Please send Photos

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    I build it out like a honeycomb, big chips in front (or strays on top), similar denominations grouped. I generally start with a triangle, big chips in one stack in front and two behind, one with the smallest and the other with the next smallest. Usually I'll stack on top of the honeycomb once there are 10 full stacks: 3 front row, 4 middle, 3 back row.


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      I'm not sure. If I ever get deepstacked I'll let you know..


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        Generally just in piles of chips 10 high, then increasing these to 20 chips high once I've accrued enough. You want your stack to be countable with just a single glance and it doesn't get easier than multiples of 10.

        Perhaps lean away from piles of 20 if the chips are poor quantity - nothing more embarrassing than your tower of chips tumbling all over the table and floor!


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          1/2 last night but I spread the green for the pic lol.


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            thats a good stack

          • kkep
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            Been running like that for weeks. So much so that I think I need to make more of a commitment to cash games.

            I generally only play cash during the local Tournament Festivals but an odd quirk has 3 Festivals that I play back
            to back to back. Since I don't play all of the price points I've been grinding cash for the past 5-6 weeks. I've had
            3 losing sessions and the rest have gone mostly like that one.