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  • Yeh or nah

    I Hey first post

    2/5 1000k cap, live, $800 effective we cover
    H LJ QJcc opens $20
    V BU 3! $50, we call

    Flop $100 4d Kh 9c
    H x, V $50 we $200, V calls
    T $500 Jd we jam

    line check pls

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      Agree with picking up a marginal made hade, a little more bluffs there maybe T9s, 98s, with 3! Being this small prob def suited wheel aces and continue with backdoors

      i was trying to fold exactly a KQ, K10, hands...little too ambitious?


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        Originally posted by Deadmoney_V View Post

        i was trying to fold exactly a KQ, K10, hands...little too ambitious?
        Depends on the player.

        If you have some read that villain is both 3 betting these types of hands and capable of folding them when they flop top pair, then it could work. I just don't see that happening too often though.

        I agree with you on the small 3b allowing us to continue with a wider range pre-flop, however Im not sure I have a x/r range on this flop very often. It's a pretty dry board for the most part with no flush draws and only a few combos of gutshots possible for obvious bluffs. My only value hands are sets for the most part. I probably fold K9s pre being OOP a large percentage of the time as it is at the bottom of my opening range on the LJ.

        With that being said and with the somewhat small/standard 1/2 pot c-bet I think I would peel one here and see what develops on the turn. There are a ton of cards that improve our equity on the turn and stacks are deep enough to make a play there.

        As played, this hand does make a good candidate to x/r on this flop if you are doing so often with your value hands and looking to balance or villain is c-betting way too much, once villain continues on the flop I do prefer to slow down and x/c often on this specific turn card as we pick up decent showdown value.
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