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Playing Against a Kid Deep In Turny

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  • Playing Against a Kid Deep In Turny

    Blinds 1K/2K/2K

    I had been playing with this kid for about 3 Hours, overall he seemed to be TAG ish, and by ish I saw some looser hands that he turned over. but not many.

    Hand Ac4c........Stack 104K.......Position Co

    Kid(has me covered) is in the LJ and raises to 4K, I Raise to 14K, Kid Calls.

    Flop Th5c2c
    Kid checks, I Raise 13K, Kid Raises 45K , Hero?

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    • jamtay317
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      Just in money, there isn't much of pay jumps for a while.

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    Villain is clearly wanting to play for his stack and we have one of the best draws possible....On this flop there is also a pretty low SPR, so villain could be doing this with something like top pair or an over-pair he decided to flat with.

    So let's look at our worst case.....

    If my math is right...when action folds to us we would need to shove 77k (and I would be shocked if villain folded as he puts in half the effective stack). Calling is not an option IMO.

    Assuming he calls the pot would be 213k.

    So 36% equity is needed, plus 3-5% so let's call it 40%.

    I think worst case is something like:

    TT+, 55, KcTc+, QcTc+, JcTc

    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see we are well over that and actually a favorite.

    Even if we go tighter and give villain 55,TT, JJ and QQ. We are still getting the right price at 46% equity.

    IMO, this is a straight forward jam.