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Triple barrel bluffs with missed draws

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  • Triple barrel bluffs with missed draws

    JL quizzes he often pulls the Trigger in missed draws Situations on river , for instance missed flush draws bet flop , bet turn bet river

    today i saw a Training video and the guy said missed draws are Bad to bluff on river Because you Block the missed draws which you want villian to have (folding to your river shove)

    thoughts ?

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    Depends which draws. I'd be more likely to bluff a missed 86s flush draw than a missed ATs one due to the Ace blocking the most played suited combos and also having a skosh of showdown value. But he's also discounting marginal hands that call down but can't call the third barrel, pairs under the top pair and such. Also player and situation dependent.


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      What are the most played suited combos.
      Ax Kx and broadways? If you take that line of thinking wouldn't you want more being played since it's more likely they have a missed draw too?
      Though...agreed it's not just draws you're trying to bluff off. You will find this works for a while but then players start calling you down if you play with them a lot in cash games so you constantly have to balance the play.
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    JonathanLittle , afaik, generally 3-barrels in situations where he knows he can't win unimproved and the river either hits his range or severely hurts villain's range. I think a good example would be (Feel free to discuss the worthiness of this example): Hero: JsTs UTG (raise), villain: BB (call), Flop: Qd7s3s, Turn: 2c, River: Kh. I believe this is a good spot to triple-barrel because flop is good for UTG, turn hits no one, and K again hits UTG, while most of villain's K's would have folded by the river. Discuss!
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