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BB limit for shoving over a limper

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  • BB limit for shoving over a limper

    Say you play a Tournament 6 handed and you are on the cutoff and you are facing a limp from a player who never limps with Monsters and who is not calling off lightly

    there are 3 players left to act . You can fold, call , raise normal or jam. You have all the Options

    I am interested in what is the reasonable maximum of effective BB I can jam here?

    sure you can for instance always jam with 100 BB when you have AA and this is +ev but its not reasonable and Not the most + EV line

    if you (open) jam facing no action so far you should most often not be jamming with roughly More than 15 BB

    if you 3 bet jam over a 2 bettor (normal Open raiser) you should not Doing this with More than 32 BB roughly ( or even not More than 25-27 bb)

    what is the reasonable maximum of effective BB I can jam here over a Single limper?

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    Depends on the hand. I think I would not be doing it unless I had 25BB or less.
    But there are some hands that you don't really want to play a flop with like 99,88 that if your read is correct and he will likely fold then you could. I think 32-35 is better to go over a wide raiser.


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      Thx but My initial question was shoving over limper

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    Until sb.Proves me wrong i will make the Limit

    of only pushing vs 1 Single limper with 16 BB Max
    vs 2 limper with 17 BB Max

    the idea is my Open push Limit is 15 BB,So i Go from there

    As 1 limper means 1 BB it cannot be that wrong of an adjustment
    perhaps i could deviate a Bit say vs 1 limper 15 BB + 2 bb instead of 15 BB + 1 bb

    thoughts ?