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  • Breakfast with JL

    Has anyone else signed up for this next week?

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    I am going to Borgata tomorrow to play in the 500 deep black bounty yada yada. I love the Borgata. Deep stack, deeper stack, mega stack, uber stack (no Lyft stack yet), all they need is a "silly stack" event, like half a million in chips, blinds start at 5/10k, 20 minute levels, see how many tourists that will pull in. But seriously, great room, great structures, (mostly) competent staff. And lots of players with "more money than brains" as we used to say.

    I would love to play the main, but unfortunately I still have a job (for now anyway ). To answer the question, I am just going to call the flop for now and reevaluate the turn on Monday. I hope it doesn't fill so that I can get a seat if I decide to go all in for breakfast.


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      MiracleManDan What tables were you at and how did you make out? I'm curious if we played against each other...
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