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Strange spot on river

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  • Strange spot on river

    playing 1/2

    there was a button straddle to $5
    BB(TAG $210) calls straddle,
    LJ(very bad splashy player $133) raises 10,
    I want to add that this player would bluff on River very frequent with almost any busted draw. He had just pushed with Ks3s on a busted flush draw 3 hands prior
    I raise $24 I chose this size thinking a 3 bet would get the TAG out and keep in the LJ,
    TAG folds
    LJ calls

    Flop: KhQc3s
    LJ checks, I Raise $20, LJ calls

    Turn: Jh
    LJ checks,
    I check

    River: 7c
    LJ shoves 89

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    I don't like the pre-flop raise size. You had other players in the hand so I wouldn't be just targeting one of them. I would have raised to something like 40-45
    Especially bc straddlers typically hate to straddle/fold and will cold call with all sorts of junk.

    Would this V typically c/r draws and hands like TP maybe flopped sets and str8s on the flop? A decent amount of 1/2 players over value marginal made
    hands with redraws and play those almost like the nuts on flops and or turns.

    If that's the case he would have been less likely to make str8s and 2 pair on the turn.

    If this V bluffs with marginal hands like say a Jx or Qx here we have to call. In fact I probably only fold if it's to one of those players that almost never bluff.
    I've noticed lately that a fair portion of 1/2 players often bluff with a made marginal hand.

    This should be all about your reads. Some players I would call expecting to lose some portion of the time other players I can fold bc they are just never
    putting chips in voluntarily on such a well coordinated board with only 1 pair.


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      We only need to win this ~33% of the time to break even (I think that's right, it was a bit hard to follow the description).

      In a tournament with your life on the line this might be tougher, but in a cash game, especially against a splashy player, I would be making the call. It's vital that you are taking notes on players taking strange lines like this as they're incredibly unlikely to be balanced, even more so at the low stakes.

      As kkep stated, the pre-flop raise size isn't great. Taking exploitative lines with so many players left in the pot is just asking for trouble. $40 seems about right to me.


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        • jamtay317
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          I actually did call and he had QsJs, however, I was questioning it because he overbet the pot. which seemed strange to me.

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        Off topic, but is the first person to raise a straddle technically 3-betting?

        BB = 1-bet
        Straddle = 2-bet
        Raise = 3-bet?


        • LondonImp
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          I always straddle in my weekly cash game at the local club. Everyone is very weak and passive and it helps me to play bigger pots against weaker opponents.

        • jamtay317
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          @Londonlmp if that what you're trying to do why don't you just play higher stakes? By straddling what you do is simply cutting the deep stack play of a cash game into a short stack one.

        • LondonImp
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          jamtay317 - There are no higher stakes available unfortunately. It is still relatively deep, a lot of people reload their stacks so even with a straddle most people are at least ~100bb deep.

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        Here is my analysis of this with Flopzilla.
        His range vs my range.

        I gave him a very wide range as I had played with him for about 2 hours or so and he did raise/call with just about his entire rasing range.

        The green stripe I put 50% because I think that he would 4bet some portion of the time. I removed JJ+ as I think he would 4bet 100% of the time with these.
        The blue stripe I gave 25% because I think some of the time as he will call that wide.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Villian_Preflop.JPG
Views:	18
Size:	172.1 KB
ID:	23785

        my 3bet range from the LJ may look something like:

        I am not trying to be balanced against this guy at all. is this a mistake?

        On the flop I have his range crushed:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Flop.JPG
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Size:	21.7 KB
ID:	23786

        when I bet I think that he will fold out a bunch of his range and I think that 1/3 pot should be ok? Does anyone think that it should be bigger? we want to keep him in the pot right?
        I think that he may have something like this at this point.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	villan_flop.JPG
Views:	19
Size:	165.4 KB
ID:	23787

        The turn comes and it's not the best card some of the straights gots there but BDFDs are now there,
        we check by him checking I am not sure what we can eliminate from his range as we check behind

        So the river comes and he shoves.... well that is why I checked.

        here is
        my thoughts on this.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	villia_river.JPG
Views:	18
Size:	171.1 KB
ID:	23788

        and my range vs his range is about 54% equity. I guess this is a clear call.

        please tell me if anyone thinks my analysis is just bad.

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          idk this is hard to figure out for me but I'll try.

          I doubt he his calling with BDFD so few do that unless they have other draws to go along with them.

          On the flop I think he should be calling with all of his Qx combos. I think he should continue with JT J9, fold the rest of his Jx and pretty much all
          the other suited combos you kept in his range except maybe T9 but I would be folding that too.

          For his off suite range. He probably goes all in on the flop with some of his Kx combos calls with a bunch of others as well as the Qx combos.
          I doubt A3o and T9o make it to the turn. Not sure how he would play J9 T9 certainly not folding but he might blast off with those too.

          You have him folding all of his pocket pairs on the flop. Maybe he does fold them all but I'm really sticky with pocket pairs facing a c-bet. The
          way you make this guy out he is way looser than me so I would be surprised if he gave them all up on the flop.


          • jamtay317
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            that is true, I am not the best and defining ranges, I think that I may revisit this tomorrow and try to tighten his range up a bit. But I do have to admit when I made a call 3 hands prior and he showed up with Ks3s on a J95 rainbow flop I was very surprised.