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  • Bpo 2019

    I bag the first flight, coming back with 24BB. I couldn't get anything going the last 4 levels. I peaked at about 185k Iin level 13 but in the end had to settle for 141k.

    There was one hand I wish I wrote down. Rather than shove the river for full value I held about 25BB back in case I got c/r. I had a feeling I was betting into a set
    but with top 2 I had to go for some value. I had AQ she had 2 pair as well A9, UGH.

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    Originally posted by kkep View Post
    I bag the first flight, coming back with 24BB. I couldn't get anything going the last 4 levels. I peaked at about 185k Iin level 13 but in the end had to settle for 141k.

    There was one hand I wish I wrote down. Rather than shove the river for full value I held about 25BB back in case I got c/r. I had a feeling I was betting into a set
    but with top 2 I had to go for some value. I had AQ she had 2 pair as well A9, UGH.
    Would you actually fold the 25BB if you got CR'd? I don't know what the pot size was


    • kkep
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      Yes that was my plan. She was only raising me with the nuts.
      It was a big pot. I 3-bet pre and it went bet bet bet. She was to good to be calling down with 1 pair.

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    Dont See Monsters in the clauset. Go for full value , those full value bets add up over Time.

    if you happen to tun into a set so be it.

    But here your thought Process was flawed. You write you had the feeling of Betting into a set.

    if you range someone he is supposed to habe More than just Sets in his range . Also if you feel so anyway you Need to have a plan

    what was your Plan? Bentleys question is valid

    here to my mind you have all the Options and pretty much everything is defensible if you have a plan and Stick to the Plan

    you can

    a) Go allin
    b) bet-fold
    c) Check call or Check fold depending on your read / bet sizing etc.

    if I had the strong feeling villians range are Mostly sets I prefer Check calling somewhat small bets and perhaps Check folding to somewhat big bets

    or - probably best Option - you Check call to any bet . Doing so at least you let all bluffs in his range

    bet folding only when you have a monster read


    • kkep
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      I suppose she could have raised the turn with a set but why risk slowing me down? I'm not disagreeing. I'm still struggling to process all of the information live. I'm definitely getting better at that but I'm not there 100% yet.

    • Bentley
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      Do you remember your bet size at the river as a percentage of pot?
      Depends on player - keywords are slow you down. If I had a set I'd probably raise you hoping that you have tptk or top two because I'm then going to expect you to call then check call the river getting more chips total. If she rivered a set then I think you're just unlucky and they are a calling station
      Just an opinion... of course you don't know they have tp or 2p but calling down seems consistent with something marginal. Actually surprised they didn't raise with 2p!
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    • kkep
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      Reverse engineering this hand in my head I believe my river bet was 38% of the pot. I'm pretty sure I 3-bet to 10,000 pre, bet 12,000 on the flop, made top 2 and bet 17,000 on the turn then 30,000 on the river. I wanted to go all in I really did lol.

      Then I had flash backs of my last several Day 1 bust outs in the last level and decided to hold some back.

      I really didn't think she had a hand that would call an all in that I beat as well.

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    It's nice when we have a decent idea of who we are playing against. For the most part this was my table for the last 6-7 levels.
    A few people came and went that I didn't know.

    Certainly not a murders row but 7 really nice players. Certainly better versed in NLHE than I.
    Actually I would say 2 are more high volume and old school type players that I actually think I'm gaining an edge on, Lin and Rodriguez.

    I dbl Wexler up at one point with an ill advised(?) 4-bet jam. He 3-bet me (5x my min raise open) for 1/2 his stack from the Bu. I had 66
    UTG *bottom of my range* (that thought escaped me at the table, ugh) so FOLD dam it. He wasn't deep enough for me to call so it was
    fold or jam. I spewed almost certain he had to call for about 23BB over his 3-bet.

    If there was a hand I wish I could have back all day it would have been that one.

    Here was my table as best I know. I doubt any of you will recognize them.

    #1 Jonas Wexler busted and bagged another flight then Brittney Barnes (Matt Stout's gf) She is much better than her live results may indicate.
    #2 Frank Funaro moved (played with him 2-3x ) plays mostly online
    #3 Ken Keppol - me
    #4 Tom Gleason busted (played with him a bunch of times)
    #5 Shuntak Yeung busted
    #6 Jason Leveille
    #7 Norman Rodriguez ft with him 3 way even chop $7200 each. played with several times
    #8 ?
    #9 Wooyang Lin busted (played with him several times)
    #10 Michael Marder (played with him a couple of times, probably best player at the table)

    I'll post my day 2 updates in this thread. Hopefully I have many more than just 1! lol


    • Guido
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      I think you are a talented tournament player

    • kkep
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      Thanks Guido, I have improved since spending a lot of time here studying and I plan on upgrading to the premium course here soon.

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    They still haven't posted all of the chips counts, only the top regs from the Borgata and Pros.. I've said it more than a few times here.
    I'm not a big fan of how the Borgata runs tournaments. I guess Parx has spoiled me.

    I'm 7BB below the average stack so I'm not quite as bad off as I thought I was going to be. If this is accurate I would image I'm
    about 80 or so from the money. Maybe less depending on the pay-out structure. Sometime the Borgata pays 12% rather than 10%.
    Players Left 335
    Entries 2503
    Average Chip Stack 186,791
    Total Chips 62,575,000


    • RealJPB
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      LFG! Good luck and keep us posted

    • kkep
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      Thanks JPB! If I happen to chip up some and get to play for a few hours I'll use the MyStack App for updates. Posting on this forum is a bit of a PITA from my phone. That said I might slip in a HR during breaks....

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    The Borgata dopes missed me but there is about 120 players with less chips which is nice.
    I found it, they gave me the wrong chip count. I wish I had 191,000!
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      Dont play to Cash but play to win


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        Of course.

        I got a good table draw. Best player is to my immediate right. Over all chip leader who a I think I’ve played with before, hard to tell by picture is 2 seats to my right.
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          Hand for hand on the bubble down to 106k on the SB 4000/8000/8000


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            Out 240 KQ vs A7s pair of 7’s wins the hand. $1100 booo

            Jumpng into the Black Chip Bounty. Came to far to turn around and go home already.
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              Nicky Palma just came to my table. Thiat makes for a fun day.


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                130k at the dinner break with 2 bounty’s. Running good.


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                  The girl from Tuesday is one of the last 25 still playing.

                  Milking 80k in the Black chip. This goes til 2am or 18 players. 668 jumped in with about 165 remaining.

                  coming back from break with 41BB
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                    Bagged 123k 100 of 688 I think left. Coming back with 31BB.
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                      Hero starts hand with 133k Blinds 2000/4000/4000
                      I likely mucked the nuts last hand of the night. Tight solid guy opens to 10k UTG, 2 splashy players call, me (3rd splashy guy lol) BB takes a flop with 54o.

                      Flop 522 UTG C-bets 15k Super splashy calling station calls. I fold thinking UTG probably has a really strong over pair and I can't improve.

                      Turn is the freakin 5, check check

                      River 9 completes a flush UTG checks LAG ships it (probably a bluff) UTG folds showing me KK.

                      I would almost always fold 54o from the BB even at that price but I was trying to play as many pots as possible with super splashy guy.


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                        Picked up another bounty and we are in the money.


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                          Busted 26/688..miller time
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                            I played the Almighty today and busted out in level 14. The hand that ruined my day was KK from the SB EP opens MP calls Button 3 bets to 28k with 64k behind. I move all in, he calls with TT and hits his set. I never recovered even tho I still had a decent stack.

                            I’m also sick as a dog so I didn’t bother with the last flight which started like 20 minutes after I busted.

                            I did play cash for four hours and banked $381 which was nice. Pretty much a break even day.

                            Depending on on how I feel I may or may not play one more event.