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I owe some credit for $500 pot today

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  • I owe some credit for $500 pot today

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    Rivers casino in Pittsburg for anyone who ever plays there


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      I think the x cards on the flop are important not that you'd ever know which set he could have.
      but fact is unless he's slow playing, this is a weird betting line for him


      • Joseph
        Joseph commented
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        Do you mean if he flopped or turned two pair, that he would have bet or raised us on those streets?. He could slow play a set.

      • Bentley
        Bentley commented
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        Need to know the cards to help define his range better.
        I'm just saying it's good you won the pot but if you want a good analysis then we need all the cards. If he's a good player he should probably be check raising the flop with sets. So, it seems you made the call based on your reads here and pot odds.
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