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I owe some credit for $500 pot today

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  • I owe some credit for $500 pot today

    long story short, I raised pre about 4bbs in a $1-3 game that was playing bigger. Preflop raises were 15-20. On the button with AQ.

    called by a couple folks, including the big blind. Flop comes A,x,x rainbow. Check, check to me and I bet about 8 bb’s. BB calls, is a young, pretty good player and I think he thinks I’m just c-betting.

    turn comes 8x. He checks, I bet about $75 which is around 2/3 pot. He calls. Now I’m concerned he may have me beat with some type Ax hand, maybe a set.

    flop is another blank. Pot is about $250. He shoves the rest of his stack for around $200.

    At first thought I’m folding....them I took a depth breathe, thought about it, he did clearly look like he was breathing heavily, etc, but at the end of the day I thought I am probably beat, but I also think he thought I was just playing the bottom and not that strong. A junk 2 pair would ore likely value bet on the river instead of just shoving.

    i literally took probably 2 mins which I know is lame as hell in a 1-3 game, but I was trying to think about it thoroughly.

    I called and he immediately said “I can’t believe you called”.

    ~$650 pot in a 1/3 game seems ridiculous to call with only AQ. My previous 10 years in poker I would rarely if ever make that call.

    I ended up winning over $600 in that game and obviously that was a big part of it.

    In a previous hand I folded AA on a flop reraise with a board of 8,9,10 two spades. I’ll detail that hand in another thread. Probably an awful fold

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    Rivers casino in Pittsburg for anyone who ever plays there


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      I think the x cards on the flop are important not that you'd ever know which set he could have.
      but fact is unless he's slow playing, this is a weird betting line for him


      • Joseph
        Joseph commented
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        Do you mean if he flopped or turned two pair, that he would have bet or raised us on those streets?. He could slow play a set.

      • Bentley
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        Need to know the cards to help define his range better.
        I'm just saying it's good you won the pot but if you want a good analysis then we need all the cards. If he's a good player he should probably be check raising the flop with sets. So, it seems you made the call based on your reads here and pot odds.
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