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AQo facing 3 bet 25BBs

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  • AQo facing 3 bet 25BBs

    Hero 25BBs utg raises 2.5BBs
    villain utg+1 3 bets to 7 BBs.
    Everyone else folds

    Villain had been playing some wider ranges literally all Broadways and tens but always with calls preflop. This is the first time I have seen him 3bet.
    Live I think a 3 bet like this is almost always this range for which I am behind. Maybe I should add KQs but I'm under 40%.
    i think I have to stick it all in anyway?
    Alternative is a stop n go type strategy trying to get a hand like AK to fold?

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    If this is the first time you've seen him 3-bet, assuming a few rounds of info, and he's 3-betting an UTG raise directly to the left, I think you can exploitatively fold AQo.


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      Fold you are crushed by his range. He is brave enough to 3 bet an utg opener and you said in the past he took More passive lines with broadways and so on.

      Ask yourself the following question. Would he do this with AJo?
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      • Bentley
        Bentley commented
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        No but he might with AJs.
        The thing is the fact that I have a 25BB (22.5 left) stack and there are 12.5BBs in the pot already.
        Is my range reasonable for the player?
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      I dont think so. this is a move of only big pairs for a lot of amateur players , with Ak, aq, aj they want to get the Money in immediately instead of not Knowing what to do when they miss the Flop

      with AQ facing 3 bets you will lose most often , ask reeeeeeeper


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        With 2.5BB in the pot I call and take a flop for 4.5BB more.

        Assuming 500/1000/1000

        You need to call 4500 to win a pot of 16500 you need 27% equity and vs a tight range of JJ+,AKs,AKo you have 28%
        (much closer than I thought when I wrote the first line here)

        However if we can give them TT+ AQs+ AKo we have 32%

        The down side is flopping a Q could be dicey so I would be wary if the V is trying to get my stack in on a Q high flop
        but we would have to call at least one street assuming it's not for all of our chips, that would suck!

        What is the V's stack size? I think this is important information to have before we come up with a range for them.
        Also important is the # of players at the table. Are we 10, 9, 8 late stages with 7 6 or less?

        I'm going to go out on limb and guess they think you open to wide so they could have some extra value hands and
        and maybe some bluffs now too. Please take no offense as we all have different playing styles so based on what I
        see in this forum I would consider you a LAG . Understand that isn't a bad thing. Some of my favorite players are
        good LAG's but we must be aware of our own image and how good players will adjust.


        • Bentley
          Bentley commented
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          He raised to 7 so it's 4.5 extra to me or do you mean you are limping utg here?
          I am a LAG, you are correct no offense taken

          9 players, villain has around 30BBs, just covers me. Still hundreds left in tourney
          Current image then might have been tight since I had shown down good cards
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        • kkep
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          No I would not be open limping. I think you made a fine open bet.
          When I get down to around 25-30BB I usually start opening for 2.25BB but depending on the chip sizes in play that isn't always possible.

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        For most even thinking players Tag style is better , lag requires way More postflop & overall skills


        • kkep
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          I'm not sure we entirely have a choice. I think at least part of our playing style is going to wired into our DNA.

        • Bentley
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          Yeah I actually started out tag years ago and evolved a lag style. But like I said my current image is probably tag in this game. I showed down AA a few hands back, 66vsAK, A9 for 2 pair etc.
          Besides this site teaches a lot of LAG stuff

          I would say post flop skills are the same. The likelihood is that you get paid off more as a LAG but it will be swingy. I'm fine with that. Also don't forget you can switch styles in tournies especially.
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          bentley: if you was to raise 38,000 (his stack) left, why would you raise all-in for 59,500 (your stack) when you only need 38,000 I don't understand the logic, or am i missing something?


          • Bentley
            Bentley commented
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            My stack was 50,000 he covered me. I'm saying therefore that the effective stack left (mine) after the raise and reraise is 38000.
            At the point I raise all in there's money in the pot already. I'm risking 45500 to win his remaining effective chips (45500) plus the money now in the pot (14000)

            This is the opposite way of doing the all in calculation when there's a raise and you want to push all in.
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          missed logic thank you