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Variance Bit my Ass Last Night and the Beat Beat was Hit.

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  • Variance Bit my Ass Last Night and the Beat Beat was Hit.

    I played another cash session last night but stayed to long. I showed up around 930PM and bought in for $200 (I usually do $300).
    I quickly ran that up to $500. At around 130am our table broke but rather than leave I took my $430 to a new table. What a donk fest
    which would have been fantastic if my hands held up. I lost 3 hands in a row AK TT AA. AK I lost vs the SB, no idea what he had
    as I checked flop called turn mucked river. TT the very next hand lost to the SB again who had J2o on a J high run out. Then from
    UTG+1 with AA, UTG limp called 5x with 52o flopped a gut shot called another bet and made his str8 on the turn weeeeeee. Those 3
    hands alone cost me about $150 and by the time I walked away at 4am I turned in a losing session of $85.

    it was impossible to put 6 of the players at that table on much of a range at all until after the turn.

    Note to self, get a table change when I have no idea where I'm at in the game.

    At about 1130 the 2/5 table adjacent to me hit the Bad Beat Jackpot for $276k+! That was lucky. 40% to the loser, 20% to the winner
    and a 40% table share. All games are 9 seated and they had a full ring. Quad 6's or better to qualify. Not sure what the hands were
    exactly but I think a Royal took it down. The Bad Beat was reset to 146,298.

    I also stayed to late to play my weekly today which sucks so I'll probably play one more cash session this afternoon then it's off to
    the Borgata Poker Open on Tuesday for 2 events and maybe 3 if I get lucky.

    JL will be slumming a $400 buy in on the 12th so I may stalk the cage early and try to get seated at his table. I usually skip The Almighty
    Stack but with an (remote) opportunity to play with him I can't pass it up.

    Maybe I'll make one of his quizzes as a shinning example of how not to play a hand lol.
    I crack myself up

    Good luck to all out there grinding this weekend!

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    Congrats on the bad beat jackpot. I've been on the receiving end of two small ones that I hold up as proof as to how bad I run.

    I played 2/5 at my local game which I have a love hate relationship with. Lots of gambling action but since it plays big, more like 5/10 due to being a small casino in a wealthy Bay Area county.

    I lost half my stack when someone hit a gutshot against my 2 pair, grinder back up to my entry buy then lost it on a flopped 2 pair 2 spades (raised 78s balance pre, 2 pair and E spades flopped, villian check raises, I 3 bet all in, and he calls with a flush draw and gutshot and makes it on the river, 1200 pot). Love this game...


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      Sadly it was the table next to me I've never officially lost a bad beat or won one for that matter.

      I only played the AA hand poorly. When he lead out on the river I thought he was betting the K that was on the flop and raised him small, like slightly above min. Lucky for me he just called with the nuts lol. He said he was afraid I might have 75 as if I'm raising that 5x from UTG1

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    I didn't make it back Saturday, I was to tired. I played a turbo bounty this morning. Why? I hate turbos!
    Moved over to cash and had another nice session. I lost a big hand that knocked me down to $16. I only
    brought enough money for the tournament and 1 $300 cash bullet but I did have $40 left to dig out of my
    pocket. I managed to spin that $56 up to $620 yay. Long day to earn $180 ($15 an hour lol) but better
    than losing $440.