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JL home game 8/26

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  • JL home game 8/26

    JL home game finished 17th, things are getting better, i was up to 99k at first break, 1st place, i tried (practiced) some $all-ins$ won some, butt lost most of them, i guess my stack and overconfidence got to me? but it happens? I believe this is one of my leaks? to loose and careless/reckless?

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    Friendly reminder..its about to start. I just remembered myself.


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      I wish you could get hand histories. Ill have to remember to write down the interesting ones.


      • kkep
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        You can. I finished 5th today. I haven't played for a couple of months but I feel like the game has gotten better.

        Here is a hand I played today -

        PokerStars Home Game Hand #204760021047: {JonathanLittlePoker} Tournament #2699860993, 1+0 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (500/1000) - 2019/09/30 17:00:33 ET
        Table '2699860993 6' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
        Seat 1: berthabutt2 (59949 in chips)
        Seat 2: slacker377 (22955 in chips)
        Hero - Seat 3: CYHMK (40250 in chips)
        Seat 4: StrangeRoo62 (14535 in chips) is sitting out
        Seat 5: Steinardo79 (10425 in chips)
        Seat 6: theDayman007 (34210 in chips)
        Seat 7: UmidUzbek 1 (14125 in chips) is sitting out
        Seat 8: hairdresser71 (16960 in chips)
        berthabutt2: posts the ante 125
        slacker377: posts the ante 125
        CYHMK: posts the ante 125
        StrangeRoo62: posts the ante 125
        Steinardo79: posts the ante 125
        theDayman007: posts the ante 125
        UmidUzbek 1: posts the ante 125
        hairdresser71: posts the ante 125
        CYHMK: posts small blind 500
        StrangeRoo62: posts big blind 1000
        *** HOLE CARDS ***
        Dealt to CYHMK [3h 3d]
        Steinardo79: folds
        theDayman007: folds
        UmidUzbek 1: folds
        hairdresser71: folds
        berthabutt2: folds
        slacker377: raises 1500 to 2500
        CYHMK: calls 2000
        StrangeRoo62: folds
        *** FLOP *** [Qc 6c 3c]
        berthabutt2 is disconnected
        CYHMK: checks
        slacker377: bets 3000
        CYHMK: calls 3000
        *** TURN *** [Qc 6c 3c] [2d]
        CYHMK: checks
        slacker377: checks
        *** RIVER *** [Qc 6c 3c 2d] [8h]
        CYHMK: bets 6500
        slacker377: calls 6500
        *** SHOW DOWN ***
        CYHMK: shows [3h 3d] (three of a kind, Threes)
        slacker377: mucks hand
        CYHMK collected 26000 from pot

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        where do you find them?

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      I didn't know he was still doing the home game. Arg.


      • kkep
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        He doesn't play

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      CY you got ko'd 4 th, I was rooting for you but that's poker, i made it to the final table also when you came into the table , I I I got KOed 8th pl, one from the money, last week I made it 2nd pl,things are looking better thanks to you guys and this forman.
      too bad JL don't play in the HG, he was a lot of fun to play against, i KO'd him once ,I lucked up on the river.that was a few years back.


      • kkep
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        Thanks, Did you email support for your $25 credit?

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      thanks, email support for $25credit? what/who support? what credit? where do i get info on this?
      I've found a site that i can record my playing on video which has improved my game playing and see my mistakes, its free but limited to 15 mins record time, but for $45.00 yr, is unlimited recordings/ time and downloads pretty cool.
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