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    Depends on who your opponent is. Depends on the size of the lead. Depends on the effective stack and pot size. Depends on what's happened recently. Depends on cash or tournament. Depends on what stage of the tournament.

    It depends.

    EDIT: Also what does this have to do with quiz 202? There he 3b TT from the BB and got 4b jammed on.
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    • jamtay317
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      yes, he 3bet then got shoved on, I was saying: if the opponent called, and the flop came Kc8d6d. Now the opponent shoves. do you call?

    • reeeeeeper
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      But you're in the BB, you act first, he can't lead into you, you have first action post-flop.

      But if you're saying you check and he bets, all the "depends" apply in that scenario as well. Usually it's a check-call.