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Missed Flop vs Splashy kid

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  • Missed Flop vs Splashy kid

    This is a hand that I played last week vs a very splashy kid, who was very aggressive. This was the first time that I've played with him, but I'd been playing with him for about an hour watching him raise almost every pot preflop and always cbet.

    stakes 1/2.................... effective stack 165................. positions HJ

    UTG+2 limps(very weak player) will limp fold to any aggression unless she has the nuts, then she will limp raise big. I've played lots of hours with her live (probably 100 ish hours)
    I'm delt KsQc I raise to 10. co(LAG kid) calls, UTG+2 folds.

    Flop: As5s4h.
    What do you do here?

    I check (with the intention to check-raise), kid raises 17. I CR to 55. kid folds.
    please tell me what you think of this hand. I personly, like the CR as he is so aggressive I know he is going to bet, and I think that he will fold 99 or less maybe KQ may 5T, 74,95 hands like this.


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    Seems like a good play where it looks to him like you trapped him.

    I'd lead here on this flop. It's good for your range and you have the Ks, so you can comfortably barrel if a spade falls. You also block AK and AQ (though in this particular case he likely 3-bets those). I think I like the check-raise better against this specific player though.


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      I don't think I would have triple-barreled, I would have fired 2 streets for sure.