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    Level 10 600/1200/1200

    I didn't write down the stack sizes but if I recall MP recently came back on his second bullet and has chipped up some so I'm going to say 50BB or so
    Bu had close to my stack, maybe 85BB and I had about 110BB

    MP I felt like he was a semi reg agro definitely likes to gamble it up and was playing a lot of pots.
    Bu good reg that I play with a lot
    H BB

    MP opens to 2800
    Bu calls
    H BB decides to splash around with Td3d and calls

    Flop 3s3cTc Pot 9000

    H checks
    MP bets 3000
    Bu calls
    H considers options and calls

    T (3s3cJc) Th jackpot! Pot 18000

    H checks
    MP bets 6700
    Bu calls
    H calls

    River (3s3cJcTh) 2s Pot 38100
    BB H?

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    probably best to raise that turn ... another bet and a call .. already pretty scary for MP to fire again on river... regardless of his hand.

    But since that ship has sailed .... see, value should come from the button ... he has something ... turn was best chance. ( Hindsight )

    This is a bad spot: you overcalled 2 streets. BB is most likely to have 3.

    What the hell, I would chk again . If nobody else had a 3, what's the point of betting ? Who knows, Bu might pay u with jack.


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      • CrazyEddie
        CrazyEddie commented
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        flop raisiing will be interesting ... doesn't it tip off flush draw & jack ?

      • kkep
        kkep commented
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        I feel like this turned out to possibly be the most pivotal hand I played all day so I'm going to let it percolate for a while.
        Once the hand ended I figured out what I did wrong (easy right) which will present another question.

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      simple question: during the game ( while playing , on flop & turn ) did you consider what they might have to bet & call ?

      or were u busy disguising your own hand strength ?


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        preflop: I don't mind a call you have to call 1600, to win a pot of 9k, I think that you're going to realize your equity 18% of the time.

        Flop: I really think that I like a check-raise here you do have some draws in your range that you could be doing it with and if you have them why not check-raise for value too. It also gets you in the lead of the hand too. I would be trying to play for stacks here. assuming that he has 54k behind. I like a raise of 11k now the pot is going to be 30k he has 48 behind. I am assuming that BTN folds here. if he doesn't I would not be trying to get stacks in unless I hit my money card.

        Turn: Now you're sure you want to get stacks in.
        Assuming BTN Folds:
        well, 48k with 30 in the pot I like a smaller bet here maybe 13k this should keep them in and give you about a just over a half pot shove on the river.

        Assuming BTN Calls:
        now there is 40k in the pot you have the nuts, BTN has 86k It may take a bigger bet if you're trying to play for his stack too. I may try to bet 18k. this would bring the pot up 96k which would allow for a good 2/3 pot jam on the river.
        I'm interested to see what peoples thoughts are about my line here?

        Yeah, with the 2s as a blank I think I still just shove try to get value from hands like AJ, 99 88 QQ KK AA.


        • CrazyEddie
          CrazyEddie commented
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          You don't know if you have the nuts. Someone might have JJJ33. Maybe it isn't right to discount another 3x...suited ?

          About check-raising on flop , I wonder how many are able to do that .... OOp against 2 players , you might be 3 bet on the flop .. flush might come in the the turn ... another J ?? they might instant fold ..

        • jamtay317
          jamtay317 commented
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          I do know that I don't have the absolute nuts. I may be totally wrong, I would be trying to get it in here. This may be a big leak, but at this point, I'm definitely trying to get it in for value.

        • CrazyEddie
          CrazyEddie commented
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          think it is hard to be totally wrong playing this game...

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        OK so this hand checked through. I had no concerns with the donkey pulling the cart (MP) I didn't know if he would keep firing Jx/bluffing.

        I did believe the Bu was going to bet for value tho.

        Here's where I failed. After the button called the turn bet I immediately thought he must have a 3 bc he knows I'm not in this hand light
        and he also knows me well enough that I often flat with hands like TT and JJ and if he forgot he got a refresher earlier in the day. And
        of course I have a decent amount of 3x in my BB Defend range

        So without taking enough time to consider what 3's he might have I just called fearing he could have J3s. Well, he is never showing up
        with J3 or Jacks full for that matter. Those hands don't make much sense at all. If I only took the time to consider what 3's make the most
        sense the answer is plain as day and it's only A3s.

        The Bu also knows I bluff often enough. I got one 3-bet bluff pre, triple barrel through on him early and he caught me on my second
        attempt at a river bluff. He tanked both times but when he called he said I know you to well and he made me show my hand lol

        Had I thought this hand all the way through I have an easy lead on the river because I know the Bu has a pretty good hand. So I should
        have bet close to pot.

        Even if he has JT QJ KJ it's not an easy fold with an obvious missed FD looking at him but I'm almost certain he had A3s. (I'm going to
        ask him soon enough)

        I wouldn't have been surprised to see MP call with Jx either.

        The bottom line is I left way to much value on the table and it's getting value in spots like these that separates the haves and the
        have nots as the day grinds on.

        I'm never c/r that flop with an aggro pouring chips in (but I probably should for all the reasons jamtay and Real laid out) but I was actually
        dreading the turn. Without the stone cold nuts and nice sized second barrel from MP I was content to wait for a clean river rather than
        c/r there too. Plus how many times have I read on here a c/r on the turn is usually honest and I want the flush draws to come in as well.

        I just choked on the river.

        I feel like this hand was bigger and more important than the hand I busted out on, I may not have even been in position to bust out how
        I did had I played this had better...
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