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  • Doug Polk

    I'm happy to be seeing him making videos on a regular basis again. I like his content a lot. How Winning Players Actually THINK About Poker

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      Definitely thought it was one of the more educational videos. and well worth a watch.


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        • kkep
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          As I said I like him a lot but I came here for a also hit a nail right on the head which is going to be what I learned most from a HH I've yet to complete.

        • jamtay317
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          Before I went with Poker Coaching, I went with Upswing. I didn't like it, I tried this and I thought that it was a lot better. I did like this video though.

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        Alex Fitzgerald has a superb product called "how to think like a poker player".

        It's one of a couple of products I would say have significantly changed how I play/think about poker and can't recommend it highly enough. It breaks down exactly how to focus in on the relevant details of a hand, and what to then do about it.

        I can't recommend it highly enough. It's so good I have never mentioned it in my local casino!


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          With the exception of Fried Meulders, I just couldn't stand the arrogance of the Upswing coaches.


          • Joseph
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            Maybe there is something wrong with me but I am just after watching this video and I do not like it at all. I just find it so hard to listen to Doug Polk sometimes. I watched it twice to see if I was missing something but no, it is a waste of time, for me anyway.