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  • Doug Polk

    I'm happy to be seeing him making videos on a regular basis again. I like his content a lot. How Winning Players Actually THINK About Poker

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    I enjoyed this too. I definitely fall into the trap of “I’ve seen this guy do something crazy/dumb/whatever one time so this is how he plays.”


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      Definitely thought it was one of the more educational videos. and well worth a watch.


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        I roll my eyes when I see someone mention a Polk video, but after seeing the replies I check it out and this one was actually really good, thanks. A lot of the stuff he proposes on the first half of the video is the same things Alex recommends. Boil down the problem to the essential components. Who's going to 3-bet me? What bet folds high cards? etc.

        It's interesting that in the second half of the video Polk essentially boils it down to one thought process for every single decision: what's the bet size? what are the player ranges? how should they be adjusted given the players in the hand? how should I balance my actions given my continuing range? That's it. I think this is really fantastic and am going to think about how to incorporate this idea into my approach.

        My initial thought is just to itemize:
        You could even combine range and composition into one step. Just think about how the range is balanced when thinking about what the range is.

        I think we all do these things in general, but either get lazy or lost or distracted from the essential fundamentals a lot of the time, either by emotions or complexity or fancy plays.

        Thanks again for sharing.


        • kkep
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          As I said I like him a lot but I came here for a also hit a nail right on the head which is going to be what I learned most from a HH I've yet to complete.

        • jamtay317
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          Before I went with Poker Coaching, I went with Upswing. I didn't like it, I tried this and I thought that it was a lot better. I did like this video though.

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        Alex Fitzgerald has a superb product called "how to think like a poker player".

        It's one of a couple of products I would say have significantly changed how I play/think about poker and can't recommend it highly enough. It breaks down exactly how to focus in on the relevant details of a hand, and what to then do about it.

        I can't recommend it highly enough. It's so good I have never mentioned it in my local casino!


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          With the exception of Fried Meulders, I just couldn't stand the arrogance of the Upswing coaches.


          • Joseph
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            Maybe there is something wrong with me but I am just after watching this video and I do not like it at all. I just find it so hard to listen to Doug Polk sometimes. I watched it twice to see if I was missing something but no, it is a waste of time, for me anyway.