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Slowplaying a loose multiway pot

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  • Slowplaying a loose multiway pot

    I recently bet small (300 into 800) into a 'family pot' of 8 players. I was first to act (BB) with A8 on an A88r board. Everyone folded.
    These are small stakes players that will not fold an Ace. Is this a spot to slowplay? I feel like I lost a lot of value for such a rare spot.
    Was it wrong to bet here? I thought at least one of them would have limped an ace or pocket pair.

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    Slowplaying is usually Bad ik multiway Pots but with the very best hands that will Not get realistically outdrawn slowplay is usually good

    here I dont fault you for Betting As this is a family pot and you can expect getting caller(s)

    anyway I would Check Here