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$250 $10k guaranteed tourney, Majestic Star Gary Indiana

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  • $250 $10k guaranteed tourney, Majestic Star Gary Indiana

    H-KsJd S-35k P-LJ Blinds: 300-600-600BBA SB stack is 24kish, CO has me covered
    Folds to me I make it 1.5k Co, SB, BB call

    F-Kd 9d2s
    I bet 2.5k, CO calls, SB makes it 10k. CO is the older asian from the other hands. SB seems like a decent aggro mid 40ish type player. Was able to push other players off hands early on, seems to be watching YouTube or a movie on his phone with his headphones in. He has shown a few river bets with marginal made hands.

    Once he makes it 10k he leaves himself with about 14k behind. Hadn't seen him raise to get a free card but I really think that play is in his arsenal. I didn't think calling was an option so it was fold or shoved. I decided to shove.


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    suicide it is


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      Lol, thanks Eddie!

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    I think shoving is really bad. you have to ask your self what are you going to get called by? and I think KJo is just always behind that range. I think I fold this hand it may seem nitty, but I think its a bad spot and you still have 50bb left. I guess you could get called by a flush draw something like Ax of diamonds, even then do you want to play a 100bb pot with a marginal made hand? I don't.

    I've done some analysis on this hand in flopzilla. I Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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    I don't think he is shoving top pair here it looks like you have 36% equity? do you want to shove that?
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      Thanks again for the chart! How do you determine the villains ranges when you use Flopzilla?

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      with Flopzilla you have to enter the expected range, and you can filter it down using the filter.