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$250 $10k guaranteed tourney, Majestic Star Gary Indiana

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  • $250 $10k guaranteed tourney, Majestic Star Gary Indiana

    H- AJss S-34k P-UTG+1 Blinds 200-400-400BBA

    Raise too 1k... Seems iffy. My image should be seen as TAG, lots of people on their phones/with headphones in. My opening ranges from EP still give me some trouble as I feel I might be a little too tight.

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    From UTG+1 my starting range looks something like:

    I think that I made a mistake here, this says call. I am not calling any of these. they are all raises. just FYI
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        I think AJss is an open here. I would also make it 3-4BB, since you are almost 100BB deep, there's an ante in play and you will be OOP for the rest of the hand.


        • TAJ1827
          TAJ1827 commented
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          You go for a bigger preflop raise just because we are OOP? Or because we are OOP and there are antes and we are deeper stacked?

        • Andy Watson
          Andy Watson commented
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          All 3. OOP puts us at a disadvantage, so we need to give players a worse price to play. As a simple thought experiment, imagine you jammed here for some reason. How tight would the calling ranges behind you be?
          The antes mean the pot is bigger, so we bet bigger to avoid giving the other players a good price to call.
          Deep stack makes it more profitable to call with speculative hands, so again we discourage this by betting a bit bigger and reducing the implied odds.