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  • Final Hand Review

    Mid way through Level 14 Blinds were 1500/3000/3000
    Day 1 ends at the end of level 15, 45 minute levels.

    Our table just broke and was playing I believe my 3rd hand. I didn't know anyone at this table.
    However the player to my left had just mentioned that the guy who was about to open was opening a lot of pots and being aggressive.
    This was in response to a comment I made after an old guy called off his stack to what I thought was super lose vs the same V.

    V I estimated his stack to be about 75BB and from MP he opens to 8000
    folds to
    H Bu I had 39BB 117000 holding 5c5h

    we go heads up

    Flop 5s8s (4 or 6x I forget)

    V C-bets 8000
    H raise to 20000
    V all-in has me covered 2-1

    Full disclosure this is were I think I may have made my first big mistake the entire day regardless of how this plays out. I didn't take
    the time to think about my remaining chips or even consider the possibility of folding. In my mind he shows up to often with a big
    over pair, or an Ax Kx flush draw. But even when we are so often way ahead should we ever consider a fold in the late stages of a
    day 1 with enough time remaining to still chip up to a respectable day 2 stack?

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    I dont fold the Top of my range here

    55 is in it.

    On Flop I would raise bigger lets say 25000 until 26000

    there was 1 day after a nice deep run I have changed my mindset in Terms of poker is not 1 Tournament in a day or one Session in a day it is a Life Time Session and you cannot beat up yourself going broke with the Top of your range here even if he happens to have you beat here
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      You can think about folding, sure, but don't fold. If you had said something like, "I have a long history with this player and know he plays his draws passively. I've never seen him 3-bet the flop with less than two-pair. I block bottom-pair so there aren't many combos of hands I beat," then sure fold. But against random tourney guy, no way. If it's a cooler it's a cooler.

      Also FWIW, I'd rather bust end of day 1 than drive all the way back to the casino the next day just to bust early day 2.


      • kkep
        kkep commented
        Editing a comment
        BUT I live 20 minutes away and only 100k would be 20BB st start level 16 which was to be 60 minutes long.

        Of course I snapped him off, he instantly said I got the nuts and flipped over 88 lol.

        Yeah I wasn't really sure if stack preservation is ever an issue here. That's never been part of my mindset and I have more than my fair share of late Day 1 bust outs.

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      I think bottom set is worth going broke. I am not folding a set here. I may if we're on stone bubble and there are a couple of players that are about to bust. But probably not, i assume he had a set of 8s here going by remembering if it was a 6 or a 4. With that said he is doing it with all over pairs too.


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