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    Level 4 200/300/300 Starting stacks were 40k.

    H (88) Bu 200BB I have as many chips as anyone else I might be slightly ahead of all, non issue.
    BB 20BB
    SB (150BB or so) very competent, most cerebral player at the table.

    4 limpers to me whats our action?

    Sorry gang but I failed to write down a couple pretty nice review candidates, I was to focused on the game but I have a couple spots that I think can go a few ways so....

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    raise to pot


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        I agree with Real, I would probably bet 8 or 9BB, but I don't hate calling and trying to hit a set.


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          So I actually like a 3-bet here too I probably go 7BB but I seem to often be raising to small....

          However I did limp in here for very specific reasons. Whether they make sense or not, I'm about to find out.

          So I was varying my game widely yesterday mostly focused on the opponents closest to me. I did that for a couple
          of reasons. My strategy was to try and avoid playing big pots with seats 1,3 and the first player at 7 who I knew as
          a solid reg. Seat 1 was the only aggro of the 3. .

          I also feel like I developed a meta game with the SB. I decided implement a 100% limp strategy vs him whenever it
          folded around to me on the SB which happened several times. (1st time doing this live) I won every hand that I
          continued on the flop with. After one hand he said he was very surprised with what I showed up and said he
          almost raised me when I led out on the river. The river was an Ace that hand. I wish I wrote this down but he had
          Q9 there was a 9 on the flop no obvious draws he bet I called I think the turn was a J and it went check check and
          the river was an A. I didn't put him on an A or J so I lead out he reached for raising chips than decided to call. I
          said Tens he said you have pocket tens? He said I was about to raise you but decided to just call because of that
          ace. I said that's why I bet on the small side. I saw you with raising chips in your hand and I was calling.

          So a few hands later out of the blue he starts talking about how he's been working on a limp strategy with the other
          Pro to my right who he seemed to know well. It was then I knew I got in his head, at least a little bit.

          Vs the payer in seat 1 I took a much more aggro approach because he was an aggro. Fight fire with fire, right? But
          I only took that approach from the button since the SB would be less likely to get involved with marginal hands OOP.

          So why did I limp? When it got to me I felt like if I limped the SB would definitely squeeze with a strong hand and just
          take a flop with every thing else. Also if the BB jams I get to see how the rest of the players act and set mining 6
          handed could end up sending a nice pot my way whenever I hit the set. OR bust me out LMAO


          I limp the SB limps and BB goes all in. It folds around to me where I can now confidently call which I do. SB folds as
          expected and my 88 holds up vs AJo. It's nice when everything goes as planned....BTW if the BB jammed and any
          other player got involved I was folding 100%. If the SB squeezed and it folded to me I likely take a flop.

          I understand that just because it worked this time doesn't mean it's always the right approach. But I would have
          been just as happy to take a flop and fold 88's for 1 BB. If I raise to 7-9BB and pick up a caller or two I'm usually in
          bad shape post flop, even IP.

          As usual probably to much information...


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            "If I raise to 7-9BB and pick up a caller or two I'm usually in
            bad shape post flop, even IP "

            I disagree. Whatever shape preflop doesn't matter ... I don't know how u acquired a big stack , playing like this


            • CrazyEddie
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              it is a very big stack ... how did u lose it ?

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            Originally posted by CrazyEddie View Post
            "If I raise to 7-9BB and pick up a caller or two I'm usually in
            bad shape post flop, even IP "

            I don't know how u acquired a big stack , playing like this
            By not spewing, getting my chips in good and rarely missing spots for value.
            In fact I only missed 2 value river bets both from OOP tho.

            I lost my last 40 bigs 10 levels later, 7.5 hours of playing time to set over set.

            We started level 1 with 400BB btw 100/100.

            So whatever my playing style is I managed to miraculously chip up from 40k to 60k up to this point in a rather tough field, 'for me' anyway.
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            • kkep
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              Right we are all asses yet none of his HH make any sense. I've try to piece them together and always engage him respectfully tho.

            • kkep
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              CrazyEddie Do you even play poker? Maybe, because the blinds went from 200/300/300 to 1500/3000/3000 and I wasn't picking up enough pots over the past 3 levels or so. That tends to happen over a long day.

              Also I never said I was in a set up hand. I don't cry when I lose hands, it's poker and to be expected.

              I've had enough of you

            • CrazyEddie
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              who are all asses ? I read your posts and respond. That's slighting you ? Ego is part of the game. I don't take things personal.

              None of my HH make any sense. Where u go with this ? I don't go there.

              I don't want to trade insult. Not here for that !

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            I don't think anyone 's moron ... Look, everyone limp limp , limp , I put "raise to pot ".


            • RealJPB
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            • CrazyEddie
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              You want to exchange opinion or you want to sound amiable ? Oh, I get it ... some try to get along ...loose passive type. You're one of those ?