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    Hey everyone, before my hand reviews I'd like to introduce myself to PokerCoaching. I'm a recreational player from Australia that mainly plays small/micro stakes live turbo tournaments. My goal is to move up buy-ins and make poker my side hustle. I love everything about tournaments, including the huge variance, and I'm chasing that big life-changing win. I have a small family to take care of so I don't really want poker as my main source of income.
    A bit of poker background: I was a break-even (slightly winning +rakeback) micro-stakes online player for a few years, using a weak TAG approach from Super Systems, Harrington on Holdem, and whatever other books were popular back then.

    In 2016, online poker was banned here so I stopped caring about my favourite hobby and only played live socially, 2/3rd's of the time I was drunk. Confidence is a huge issue for me. These last few months I've quit drinking, starting eating right, and decided to take poker seriously. I scrapped most strategies I knew about poker and relearned all the fundamentals through a different training site, I cannot believe how much was missing from my game. I read a handful of modern books with the most helpful and relevant ones being Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments, Mastering No-Limit, and Chris Moneymakers chapter in Excelling at No-Limit. This lead me to more books and eventually the training site. I finally joined and here I am.

    This thread will be for my own hand reviews once a week as to not spam the forum. I've never done these before and would greatly appreciate any feedback on my plays or how I review hands, thank you.

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    Hand #1

    This is early in a qualify-only league tournament that most people take semi-seriously. The room is 100% amateurs. 150 or so runners / $1500gtd / 30k start stack, I only change the relevant stacks in the app.

    Villain in the CO late reg'd and just sat down at the table, I have no history for him. He looks to be in his mid 30's. Before he joined, the table dynamic was passive and friendly, I had opened a few hands, though that shouldn't affect the hand.

    Preflop: Default 3bet on the button against a random. I think the sizing could have been slightly bigger with the limper behind.
    Flop: This is a bad flop for me as the only hands that will call have me beat. Although I have range advantage on the flop, no one folds pairs or aces so I don't like bluffing here. I'm happy to check behind.
    Turn: I make a mistake and took a stab here. I should have checked and tried to get to showdown. Turn raises are rare and strong in these tournaments, especially a min-raise. With the Jc I would have called.
    Notes: After the hand he flashes a 5 of spades at me. I know people like to show one card as if it was a bluff when they are actually strong, I put him on Ac5s or a set.
    Later I saw him 5bet someone all-in with 66. In these games, you rarely ever see a 4bet without it being AA and KK. Therefore my read could be totally wrong and he could have been spazzing out with a pair.
    Offtable: Against his terminator range of any ace, I only have 36% equity on this flop and 30% on the turn. I'm including 66+ in his calling range because I didn't know at the time he was overplaying these. Although I'm getting great odds on the turn and only need 16% equity, I'm obviously behind and wouldn't be able to call a large river bet. A better play would have been to give up or pot control and possibly call a small bluff-induced river bet.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	JJ3bet.jpg Views:	0 Size:	186.1 KB ID:	22293
    Click image for larger version  Name:	JJ3bet2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	183.6 KB ID:	22294
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    After 4 betting, I would have bet flop but a check is probably standard. I think you have to bet turn when checked to here.
    seems fine to me.


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      I agree with you. I would have checked flop and turn, turning my JJ into a bluff catcher on most river cards.