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    My Big Stax run is over without any cashes, down.

    The Up is that I'm super happy with my improvement of late. This is the first series that i didn't feel over matched.
    I fired 2 bullets at the 500. The first Flight I had Parx top pro Joe Palma to my immediate left and Annand Ramdin
    who plays all over the world and binked a WPT for 1.3M a couple seats to my right. It was just one of those days
    that I ran super bad.

    Today was even tougher as I had Mike Linster to my immediate left in seat 3 (I should have felted his ass) great
    dude tho and I love it when pros talk ranging with me at the table. They talk I mostly just sit there agreeing. To my
    right was Jakob Datashvill fresh of a ME win at the Borgata and the 2nd place finisher, Matthew Cohen was in seat 8.
    Those 3 play a ton online too.

    The point is I was never put in a tough spot and that is huge. As just a few months ago I seemed to always be in tough spots.

    The Linster hand level 9 he opened UTG for whatever (I think it was 2600) and got 3 calls to me on the BB I bet 20k
    from my 135k stack, he had 20k behind and went all in with QQ. I had KxKh

    the board ran out XxXhXhXhQx hitting his 1 pure out

    5 Levels later 3 hands after our table broke I got felted for my last 39BB set over set, grrrrrr
    I think I jotted down 2-3 hands I'll post tomorrow.

    I'm super disappointed I didn't have any deep runs but very pleased with my progression as a poker player of late.


    A twist of the the two players I was sandwiched between the entire day ended 6th and 12th in chips out of the 96 that bagged yesterday.

    I estimate that I was dealt between 350 - 400 hands and two hands likely decided my fate. One was variance that in part propelled one player to the top and the other really not to much worse off but stung. You all will have to decide if I could have gotten away from the other hand or not. I'm starting to believe I could have, ugh.

    Linster finished 28th and the aggro that was to my right is the current chip leader with 20 remaining.

    Am i the only player that follows memorable people we played with after we get knocked out?
    COREL THEUMA 550,000
    PATRICK CHAN 479,000
    DUANE MCCRORY 475,000
    JUSTIN MILLS 475,000
    RICKEY LEE 474,000
    NAICHANG CHEN 471,000
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    that is the reality. How well u play doesn't matter... never heard of these people


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      I wouldn't expect you too, I knew of 2 of them before today. The point was studying (a lot) away from the table has allowed me to feel comfortable playing against anyone now. When just a short time ago players like the ones I listed would give me fits.

      I actually don't think they were doing anything special in the past but more so I was making to many mistakes.

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    The aggro that was on my right for the majority of the day took 2nd Jackob Datashvili (L) $81,733; Daniel Park (R) $95,017
    Park is fresh off of a $225k bink for a bracelet in the WSOP $1000 Super Turbo


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      do remember the the play at


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        what was your play when you got KOd? with 39 Bs, how big was your set? betting, pos,etc blow by blow? rock


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          set over set kinda played itself. I c/r flop they went all in I called

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        what was the results?


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            You played with the Cubs pitcher? Very cool... lolz


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              Haha I didn't even catch that name but surely not the same guy