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Final table spot - open folding QdJd with 18 BB due to ICM ?!

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  • Final table spot - open folding QdJd with 18 BB due to ICM ?!

    I did not fold this

    ICMizer says I cannot push this here profitably

    you can see all of the stack sizes of all opponents easily

    there are 2 bigger stacksbehind me (33 BB and 25 BB)

    but icmizer only cheks whether push is profitably

    but here a minraise open with QJs might be profitably anyway

    What did happen later on ?

    I raised to 222.000
    tiny sb allin
    BB calls

    Flop 264 rainbow
    check check
    turn 5 rainbow
    check check
    river 4
    check check
    I win vs 9jo (SB) and JcTc (BB)

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      Min Open Raising here to target the sb short stack, knowing that the BB almost certainly will come along as well - but also knowing that I have position with a hand that flops well.

      Not shovving.

      Happy to play very passive after the flop even with Top Pair and to do my best to get to cheap showdowns and play FD passively too. Also prepared to fold post flop to real aggression from the BB with little equity and 2nd pair type hands.

      Will fold to a pre flop shove from behind for ICM reasons.

      As played - perfect IMHO
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        I don't think I'm open shoving much of anything with 18BBs there due to stack utility and ICM. Too many players behind, specifically for ICM and QJ. By stack size I think 2-2.25x there is good. Your position gives you some extra oomph so you're less likely to be 3-bet without someone having the goods. I wouldn't want to give up a rejam stack by open shoving this. If forced to fold, a 16BB stack still has rejam utility (even with the blinds hitting you soon).
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