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  • Bluff or Bluff Catch

    I open Js9s for 3bb in CO. Button calls, BB raises to 5bb (this is low stakes online), we call.
    I exclude non-premium suited aces from his range after the 3!
    Pot 15bb
    Flop 6c4cKc
    BB checks
    I bet 8bb, button folds, BB calls
    Range estimate after he calls: 48% top p K; set/aces 15%; flush 10% (4 nut, 6 not); flush draw 41% (total greater than 100% cuz some pairs have flush cards)
    9h, giving me showdown equity. I check behind.
    River: 5s. Villain bets 22bb into 31bb pot
    Pot odds 53:22
    Villain has 75bb remaining, I cover

    I am going to violate the taboo against giving results, because in this case some interesting things are to be found.

    I called, having successfully elicited a bluff with my bluff catcher, and he took the pot with KsQs for a pair of kings.

    After going over it with Flopzilla, I realized how much of his calling range was paired kings, which can be targeted. And how few unimproved aces there were -- the only thing left to bluff catch against.

    Another way to play it:

    If I had continuation bet on the turn I would have maintained fold equity for a non-club river and kept pressure on his kings.

    If I went all-in on river, and he calls all flushes, sets, and AA, that's 25% of hands. He'll fold for sure 25% of hands which never improved. That leaves roughly 50% kings that are hating life. He'd have roughly 80bb remaining, so I'd be risking 80 to win around 50.

    The bluff would need to succeed about 62% of the time, requiring him to fold most of his his kings.

    My conclusion: this play is no good unless we have a strong read. Should have given up on the hand after the flop bluff was called. As played, I don't like the river call because he has few missed draws. Any disagreement?

    Another can of worms: we bluff a club river to fold his kings. Any merit to that? Or is his range after calling the flop just too strong to mess with?

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    You assume alot. If you move all in on river... he might bluff catch with his K , like you did with your 9.

    Either you play cards, if you have a hand ... or you play your opponent, do you know him well ? do you know him better than he knows you ?


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        Since UG checked, it was closer to being a heads up situation. I often get folds in situations like this -- generally give up when it doesn't work. I certainly would have folded to a CB. I guess a better place to donk bluff would be if there were no high cards which hit the UG raiser so hard. If I'm going to bluff a high flop on a monotone board, I guess it should be against limping ranges.

        This isn't a routine play for me, but I expect a cold bluff should be tried on occasion.


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          I think a bet there isn't the worst in the world ... but you had no plan how to take down that pot .. on a monotone board.

          I don't want to discourage people trying things...

          I think "mentally moving on to the next hand ( before this hand is over ) " is much worse.

          On this forum, you don't read about fighting for pots... only showing down , comparing cards.
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